Mid Century Modern Minimalist Home Interiors Furniture Ideas

Mid Century Modern Minimalist Home Interiors  Furniture Ideas

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Sleek and timeless, mid century modern decor looks set to continue having its moment long into the future. However, it can be challenging to execute the look without your home interior appearing just plain dated. One way to make the trend a success is to amalgamate the simple forms of mid century modern with the crispness of minimalism. Shared emphasis on function puts the two styles easily hand-in-hand. Organic influences fit the bill on either side of the brief, with natural wood grain and a love of indoor plants sliding into each aesthetic. The following three home interiors expertly demonstrate the combination, all wrapped within clean white walls.

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  • Visualizer: Artem Trigubchak
Natural walnut Cherner armchairs pair up at the window of our first mid century meets minimalist living room. The 1958 mid century silhouette stands out darkly against a window of sheer white drapes. A small floor lamp suits their stature.

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A cushiony modern grey sofa is accessorised with one single solid black throw cushion that darkly compliments the wall art above it.

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Glass doors pull a clear divide between the lounge area and the dining room when desired, or pull back for connected living. A comfy lounge chair backs into the glass, but its low slung profile facilitates the open flow.

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A clear glass carafe is the only thing to adorn a minimalist round dining table. Mid century style chairs add a darker note around the edges of the white table, and tone with a one wall walnut kitchen.

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The monochrome art style from the living room features in the bedroom too. A black wall light is mounted at either side of a minimalist bed.

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Closets and desk cabinets repeat the aesthetic of the living room cupboards. One of the Cherner armchairs pulls up at the worktop.

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A golden wall sconce adds a little luxe over a vanity.

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Another gold bathroom vanity light shines over a pink granite countertop, which is a gently colourful nod to the mid century modern palette.

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Another short floor reading lamp teams up twinning lounge chairs in home interior number two. Grey carpeting compliments the graphite upholstery of the chairs, whilst a taupe sofa threads in a warmer tone.

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Cobalt blue accents shake up the neutral surroundings. A blue version of the lounge chairs matches with bright blue candle holders on the round coffee table.

  • 13 |
Mid century modern dining chairs encircle a large round dining table for six. These Finnish meets Swedish style chairs are the In Between SK2.

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The circular dining table and crescent back chairs are joined by a spherical paper pendant to complete a well rounded shape theme.

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A wall of bespoke shelving displays mid century modern home accessories and books.

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Green fronds refresh the table centrepiece.

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Candle holders bring the blue decor accent into the dining room. A white slab front kitchen makes a quiet backdrop to a minimalist granite island.

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A birch Aalto Stool 60 serves as a plinth for a little decorative vase, resting beneath a piece of monochrome wall art.

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Chevron flooring pushes all the way through the living areas and into the hallway. A stylish chair furnishes the entryway.

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Along the hallway, towards the bedroom and bathroom, a huge circular decorative wall mirror helps expand the natural light source.

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The green colourway of a desk chair is inspired by the view, and accentuated by a leafy indoor plant.

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A blaze of colour strikes across the bathroom design in the form of a unique vanity. Wood veneer panelling flatters the colours within the stone.

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  • Visualizer: Xingyou Chen
Our last mid century modern minimalist interior has a fully muted colour scheme, which brings a sense of peace and calm along with it.

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Another part of the book library is given a home in a fitted sideboard that runs all the way across the lounge and finishes inside the dining area.

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A unique sofa folds around the lounge rug in a boomerang shape. The circular mat ripples with the outline of the white and wood coffee table set on top.

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Sculptural bowls dot the top of the mid century style wooden sideboard.

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Leaf filled tree branches set in glass vases make elegant displays around the floors of the interior.

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The cantilevered form of the classic Bauhaus Cesca Side Chair pulls up around a solid wood dining table.

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The chairs hand-woven cane inserts and a beech frame vibe with the tone of the timber.

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Stainless steel chair legs coordinate with cool grey floor tiles.

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Taupe paintwork warms the walls of the bedroom. A crisp white lamp and clean white pillows bring fresh contrast to the earthy scheme.

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Another vase brings leafy tree branch decor into the bedroom, which looks luminous in the sunlight from wide terrace doors.

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