Hillside Home In Los Angles With Layered Pool Design

Hillside Home In Los Angles With Layered Pool Design

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Palm trees whisper in the breeze on this hillside home in Los Angeles, designed by architect firm SAOTA. The luxury residence is located immediately above Sunset Boulevard, situated on a promontory close to Pierre Koenig’s landmark Stahl House. The Stahl House served as a jumping off point for the form and articulation of Hillside’s roof planes, which push forward to cover substantial outdoor living areas. Flowing connection between interior and exterior spaces was conceived to honor 300 degree views of the LA skyline and city basin below, and to link with a unique layered infinity pool. Far from conventional, the stunning 20,000 square foot estate is a self-contained oasis.

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Out on the terrace, a single palm tree grows toward the sun from a planter that is situated right inside the unique swimming pool design. Grass around its roots seems to spike from the water’s blue surface.

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The pool design is layered to include wooden sundecks, with a split level sections of water around each wing of the house.

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The extensive outdoor living area includes a covered lounge with built-in seating, and a modern fireplace for when the sun goes down.

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Glass balustrades open the suave outdoor lounge up to the glittering LA panorama.

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The outdoor lounge is surrounded by the upper level of the pool, so that it is almost sunken from view across the rest of the terrace. Lush landscaping with climbing ficus trees grow around the perimeter of the house, which builds a sense of privacy and screens off neighboring properties.

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At dusk, the pool palm silhouettes against the darkening sky whilst pool lights shine a magical glow.

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Lavish outdoor living spaces tap the potential of the livable climate. Outdoor chaise lounge chairs and small side tables line up along each floating pool deck so that relaxation, conversation, and drinks can be enjoyed under the sun.

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Pale limestone has been selected to tile both the interior and exterior floors to create continuous flow.

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LED ribbons highlight the stone steps at night, defining outdoor walkways.

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Balconies line the upper floor of the house. Trailing plants drape the white concrete planes.

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Wraparound views called for extensive use of glass in the house design. Solid supporting walls needed careful placement to avoid disrupting the panoramic potential of the site.

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Tan leather-look poufs and a stylish outdoor coffee table make a casual and repositionable gathering spot out on the deck, though that water looks just too inviting not to dip a toe in!

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Even the vast walk in closet of the house has exceptional views, as seen here on the upper floor.

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Concrete fins and wooden slats texture the sides of the building.

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Projecting eaves and soffits are lined with natural timber and recessed spotlights.

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Moving inside the hilltop home, a geometric light installation makes a huge statement across the ceiling of a plush lounge. Down at floor level, a square coffee table reflects the copper lustre of the chandeliers.

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The dining room chandelier is another sculptural spectacle. Black marble builds a dramatic feature wall around the dining room sideboard and a striking piece of modern art.

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Like an echo, the same gorgeous grey marble shapes a bar alongside the kitchen island, complete with matching stools.

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The steep approach to the house rolls into a dramatic entrance with a top lit central courtyard design. The courtyard grows up from a 12 car underground garage with an indoor waterfall, then surfaces at the living level.

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The largely open-plan interior is articulated through vertical and volumetric changes.

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Modernist construction techniques are seen in the articulation of steel columns, and the implementation of timber and limestone floors, walls and staircase design.

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Limestone stairs climb black steel frames.

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Timber slatted ceilings roll across the master bedroom, introducing texture, warmth and character. Huge rugs make subtle silver-grey zoning islands beneath the bedstead end of bed bench, and a full sized lounge area.

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The same colour and materials run into the rest of the bedrooms to fashion a calming cohesivity.

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A sunken bathtub design makes this luxury bathroom feel even more spacious, and keeps well out of the way of the amazing view.

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The exterior entryway looks like a piece of steely modern art.

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Layered plates make a cubist composition across the door design.

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Outdoor planters dot the perimeter of the house, bringing sprays of natural greenery to the wooden façade.

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The architecture is defined through overlapping horizontal floor and roof plates, which curate defined view axes. The living program is arranged around a focal view of LA, and loosely forms two wings, one oriented east-west and the other north-south.

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Cut-out details in the roof ceiling add architectural interest and glimpses of clear blue skies

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Basement floor plan, with twelve car parking garage and bed of central courtyard design.

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First floor plan, featuring multiple living spaces with luxury lounges and dining areas.

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Second floor plan, including master bedroom.

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Upper roof plan.

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East elevation.

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North and South elevations.

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Section drawing.

The architects of this home, SAOTA, specialize in super luxury houses with spectacular ocean views in the South African coast. If you enjoy seeing more of their work, check out: Nettleton 198 HouseNettleton 199 House The Clifton House

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