Moody Modern Industrial Interiors With Wood And Concrete Decor

Moody Modern Industrial Interiors With Wood And Concrete Decor

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Modern industrial decor, moody black accents and a scattering of uplifting indoor plants shape these two stylish home interiors. Concrete and wood installations build texture within the schemes, whilst unique lighting fixtures add character. Our first home interior is on the darker dramatic side, where black decor plays the most dominant role. A mezzanine level introduces a cool twist to the open plan interior, and a provides a base for a home office and second bedroom. Our next tour has a somewhat lighter vibe, with eye-catching bespoke wire fence elements. Orange accents pack some punch between cool concrete features this time around, raising the energy with loud and proud personality.

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  • Visualizer: Marra Group
Heading straight into the living room of our first moody modern home, a darkly dominated scheme of black and white decor fills the double height space. Black curtains hang long and heavy around large windows. A huge indoor plant lolls over the sofa.

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A brickwork feature wall towers behind a piece of colourful artwork. A modern chandelier adds a luxe metallic touch.

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Round nesting coffee tables stand on the bare timber floor. A black TV stand positions the TV screen in front of a concrete staircase, which leads up to a mezzanine home workspace and bedroom.

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Looking down from the mezzanine level, over a healthy border of plants, we get a good view of bold industrial style lighting over the dining area.

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The huge industrial pendants shape the look of the dining kitchen, as well as throwing their light far and wide.

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A black kitchen with peninsula runs around the modern dining set. Open fronted shelving units have been set between the upper and lower cabinets, set shallow against the backsplash.

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Integrated appliances are installed into the return wall of the kitchen, centred between full height cabinets.

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The unique dining table design has a small recess to hold a centrepiece. Herbs have been placed here to add a little lively greenery–and to keep the chef well supplied.

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A couple of small pendant lights illuminate the kitchen peninsula. This small extension is a breakfast bar, where two bar stools stand facing into the room.

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Between the kitchen run and the concrete mezzanine staircase, a doorway exits into a hallway. Closets line the walls here to provide practical storage for the home. Display shelving adds an attractive element.

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There is also a ground floor bedroom in the home. A concrete feature wall grows from behind an illuminated wooden headboard. The same tone of wood flooring extends across the room beneath a black bed and a modern black lounge chair.

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A grey rug hold the pieces of furniture together as a cohesive layout.

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Yellow highlights found in the exposed brick wall have been picked out as an accent colour for the bedroom, with the colour echoed in a piece of wall art. The bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom, accessed through the door we see on the left here, and a walk in closet to the right.

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Smoked glass divides the bedroom from the lounge.

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With the addition of a glass panel above the door, the bedroom is opened up to all aspects of the living room.

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The mezzanine has its own bathroom, or rather an ensuite shower room.

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A black toilet and vanity unit contrast with white walls.

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The black heated towel rail adds another dark base note.

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Bookshelves are stacked along the mezzanine wall, spanning the home workspace.

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The bed on the mezzanine is turned away from the work area, although, a transparent headboard design visually links the two.

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Botanical art brings plant life further into the mezzanine bedroom. A rustic wooden hearth underlines the TV as a media unit.

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Secretive black closet doors that line the walk in wardrobe of the downstairs bedroom look like decorative wall panelling.

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The powder room by the front door is dark and dramatic.

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Concrete tiles team with timber panels.

  • 26 |
Home plan with mezzanine level.

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  • Designer: Form8 studio
  • Source: Nature
Home interior number two has a lighter mood, but is still filled with gritty industrial moments.

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Metal railing panels have been commissioned to divide the lounge from the kitchen in the open plan living room, whilst still maintaining the generous sense of space and light.

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An indoor plant contrasts freshly with the punchy orange accents in the room.

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Concrete walls have a cooling effect on the orange decor.

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The timber table nestles perfectly into the length and nook of the sofa’s L-shape.

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A cutaway in the fresh white ceiling reveals a slice of raw concrete. A concrete column slots flush into the recess. A tower of shelving builds a transparent wall between the kitchen and home entryway.

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Concrete features are left rough around the edges.

  • 35 |
Ambient LEDs highlight the concrete ceiling feature and the wire fence room divider.

  • 36 |
Orange dining chairs are seated around a small wooden table by the window. Two neat white dining room pendant lights subtly anchor the zone.

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In the kitchen, a glass backsplash shields an exposed brick wall from cooking mess.

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Atmospheric lighting gives a small shower room big personality.

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Another sheet of wire fence is mounted to the wall by the toilet. Warm recessed lighting floods the concrete behind it, dramatising its effect.

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