Monochrome Home Full Of Surprises And A Secret Utility Room

Monochrome Home Full Of Surprises And A Secret Utility Room

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Monochrome with a sprinkling of wooden pieces, this one bedroom apartment has just a few colourful accents to brighten to mood. Despite its pared back colour palette, designed and visualised by Zrobym Architects, the home has a distinct quirky personality about it and a youthful vibe. A trapeze swings in the entryway to the open plan living room of the 65 square metre home in Minsk, Belarus, and a set of gymnastic rings dangle in its narrow hallway. There are other surprises inside the home too, like a trendy glass ensuite bathroom, and a secret utility room that’s hidden at the back of a glass walk-in wardrobe.

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A grey chevron floor and pale grey wall paint provides the basis for this modern home interior. The cool neutral backdrop could be the setting for just about any style of home, but this one has a few surprises up its sleeve for us.

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Some colourful accents come in via the lounge area, a striped area rug being just one of them. An Eames style walnut stool stands at the edge of the multicolour rug, in front of a slimline grey modern sofa.

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The white one wall kitchen fades into the background of the open plan room. A narrow wooden area is exposed to its right, which is home to shelves of recipe books – a KitchenAid mixer is put in the spotlight.

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The grey living room scheme is enlivened by a large red pouf in one corner, which is the Five pouf by Muuto. Its colour is picked up in the rug, and in a graphic cushion on the armchair.

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An expanse of white wall secretly facilitates the use of a projector, instead of a traditional tv. When the projected image is turned off the room is left peaceful, uncluttered by the obligatory empty screen and wires.

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LIghtly patterned cushions break up the plainness of the grey fabric sofa.

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A marble table adds pattern in the black and white dining room that is situated behind the sofa. The adjacent kitchen is cut through with a matching white marble backsplash.

  • 8 |
A mixture of black dining room chair designs line up along each side of the white marble dining table.

  • 10 |
Balcony doors flood the white kitchen with natural light.

  • 11 |
Light natural wood accents bring texture and added warmth to the monochrome kitchen diner decor.

  • 12 |
A doorway to the left of the one wall kitchen leads into the bedroom.

  • 13 |
Classic window shutters fold back and frame the balcony doors.

  • 14 |
Colourful decorative wall hooks make a polka dot pattern over the hallway. Gymnastic rings dangle from an overhead beam, providing an impromptu opportunity for a fun workout.

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At the other end of the hallway, we discover a trapeze seat swinging in the entryway to the lounge. White closets occupy the mid section of the hall, with one wood section left open fronted for quick access to coats, tote bags and shoes.

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A small green ottoman brings an extra flash of colour to the predominantly neutral hallway decor.

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The flat fronted white kitchen cabinets fade away unnoticed at the open end of the entry hall.

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A tall mirror with a chunky black frame is propped against the wall, beside the green ottoman and decorative wall hooks. The trio makes a well equipped spot to put on shoes by the door, grab a coat off the peg and check the completed look before heading out.

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Inside the relaxing grey bedroom design, we find a glass wall ensuite bathroom and a glass walk-in closet. A headboard cabinet provides a little book storage right up by the pillows, to keep bedtime reading material tidy.

  • 20 |
Two black wall sconces punctuate the light grey bedroom wall. A couple of pieces of modern art adorn the headboard shelf.

  • 21 |
At each side of the grey bed, a small side table stands on black wirework legs, matching the modern black wall sconce above it.

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The glass wall to the ensuite bathroom slides into the open position, rather than having a hinged door that would encroach upon the tight floor space by the bed.

  • 23 |
A modern bedroom pendant light adds texture and form to the room design; its diamond shaped folds are echoed in the diamond quilt upon the bed below it.

  • 24 |
The sculptural pendant light descends from a stunning ceiling rose to give the room a sophisticated neo-classical flavour.

  • 25 |
The chevron laminate flooring runs all the way through from the living room to the bedroom, seamlessly connecting the two spaces.

  • 27 |
The glass wall across the walk-in closet retracts in a mirror image of the ensuite bathroom door. Neatly organised garment racks pose on display, like a shop window.

  • 28 |
A tall mirror disguises another doorway at the back of the walk-in closet, which leads to a secret utility room.

  • 29 |
White marble tiles and white sanitaryware fill the compact yet perfectly formed bathroom.

  • 30 |
Black fixtures stand out against the pale walls.

  • 31 |
A black faucet makes a smart addition above the white bathroom sink and vanity. A black showerhead, rinser and toiletries shelf mark out the shower enclosure.

  • 32 |
A black heated towel rail is situated just inside the wet zone too, along with a freestanding bathtub and a stylish wooden side table.

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We can see the secret room at the back of the walk-in wardrobe on the floor plan, and also the presence of the pocket door between the living room and the bedroom.

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