Three Modern Apartment Interiors Under 40 Square Meters (With Layouts)

Three Modern Apartment Interiors Under 40 Square Meters (With Layouts)

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Welcome to the compact world of modern apartment interiors that measure under 40 square metres. In this trio of small home designs we explore three different decor colour palettes. Home tour number one is a bright and multifunctional space, with clean white, pale wood and subtle copper decor. Home interior number two sees unexpected pops of coral and primary yellow within predominantly neutral spaces. In home design number three we take a stroll into a botanic inspired green dominant decor scheme, which is freshened with white, and made homey with a hint of casual country style. All have smart layouts that are sure to inspire just about any owner of a challenging smaller space.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: M3 Architects
On our first tour, we look around the interior of a 36 square metre apartment in a residential complex, located in Odessa, Ukraine. This bright and multifunctional space is made up by four distinct zones, which is a glass wall bedroom, a lounge, kitchen diner, and of course a bathroom. The transparency of the bedroom wall helps the small living quarters to feel more spacious, open and light, fulfilling the maximum potential of the floor area.

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The transparent glass wall bedroom also maintains the complete panoramic view, a plus point of the apartment. The minimalist living room holds a modern sofa that skims the bottom of the windows so as not to obstruct the sweeping window view. Its pale colour blends the seating quietly with white walls.

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The coffee table is a master of camouflage too; the mirrored table reflects the pale wood floor planks around it, allowing it to subtly blend in.

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A kitchen island stands alone beside the lounge area, with no obvious sign of other kitchen cabinets.

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The kitchen equipment, including a refrigerator, washing machine, and a boiler are hidden behind a wooden facade that pushes back into the bathroom unit on the left here. There is also a pantry in there, as well as a wardrobe and other storage.

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The secret storage allows the kitchen island to appear abstract in a perfect minimalist aesthetic. Chunky wooden kitchen bar stools bring some weight to the isolated volume.

  • 7 |
A copper faucet matches the warm tone of the timber stools.

  • 8 |
Another copper kitchen accent comes in the form of an integrated touchless soap dispenser.

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The shape of the floor lamp in the lounge echoes the angular profile of the kitchen tap.

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White countertop wraps the side of the kitchen island to create one seamless piece.

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White, wood and copper decor sits elegantly in the minimalist home layout.

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All unnecessary furniture, accessories and accents were eliminated from the home design to achieve the most simplistic and airy living space possible. All except one art print in the bedroom. You can find these minimalist stye love themed art prints here.

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A copper frame holds the glass in the bedroom walls and doors.

  • 14 |
The decor inside the bedroom is entirely white except for a custom wooden headboard with storage.

  • 16 |
Interior perspective drawing.

  • 17 |
Floor plan showing hidden storage volumes behind the wooden facades.

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  • Designer: Studio Open
  • Visualizer: Studio Open
Next in this trio of small home tours is this 28 square metre apartment in St.Petersburg, Russia. A neutral white, grey and pale wood tone background receives unexpected pops of coral and primary yellow, like this cheerful shelf tower behind the small side table.

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The desk can be swung around so that it faces into the room when in use, rather than facing onto a solid wall.

  • 21 |
The high table could also be used as a eating spot, where diners could either watch tv or gaze out the window view.

  • 22 |
White closets have been built in next to the home entryway. In the middle of the storage volumes there is a bench included, with shoe storage space below it.

  • 23 |
White bifold doors draw back to reveal a one wall kitchen with an coral backsplash.

  • 24 |
The wood flooring treatment stops beneath the kitchen, leaving a raw concrete base.

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Indoor plants grow by the windows, beneath under cabinet LED strips. A bright yellow stool brings a ray of sunshine.

  • 27 |
A bench seat bridges the gap between two white closets in the plain white hallway.

  • 28 |
Coral tiles colour the bathroom.

  • 29 |
Floor plan of the studio apartment with study area.

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  • Designer: Diễm Kiều
  • Visualizer: Diễm Kiều
Finally, home interior number three gives us a revitalising green and white decor scheme. Botanical art prints decorate the wall above a green sofa. A round coffee table and plant stand bring in a touch of natural wood tone.

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More wood grain warms the decor as we move further into the narrow living space…

  • 32 |
… Timber treads stripe the staircase, and a wood dining set sits beneath a wooden mezzanine.

  • 33 |
A sputnik chandelier hangs from the timber beams. Green geo tiles pattern the area around a banquette bench, which is a great space saving seating solution for narrow dining spaces.

  • 34 |
The same green geometric tile design covers the kitchen backsplash on the opposite wall.

  • 35 |
A small seating nook is built into the end of the kitchen run. The framed green kitchen cabinets and gingham scatter cushions give the design just a hint of cosy, casual country style.

  • 36 |
Floor plan showing the narrow nature of the space.

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