2 Minimalist Style White Interiors To Put The Mind At Peace

2 Minimalist Style White Interiors To Put The Mind At Peace

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Calm and peaceful; that’s how we would all love to feel the moment we walk through our front door into our own little hideaways, wouldn’t we? Well, if this sounds like the coming home feeling that you’ve been longing for, then a minimalist style white interior is a great place to start. A minimalist home allows the mind to relax and unwind, to process the day without any added noise and chaos from the surroundings. Minimalism leaves space in which to reconnect with what really matters by leaving out what doesn’t. Style only the essentials in a white decor scheme to complete a quietly refreshing place and headspace - like coming home to a clean slate.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Design Lviv
  • Visualizer: Design Lviv
The completely white living room in home number one gives the feeling of walking into a summer’s cloud. Bright white natural light filters through sheer white window blinds onto a reflective white marble floor and pillowy white furniture.

  • 2 |
Thin black lines cut through the white ceiling, in a modern track light system.

  • 3 |
The staircase floats weightlessly above the marble floor, adding to the light and airy feel of the room.

  • 4 |
A fine black frame holds a large piece of predominantly white wall art, its glass surface reflects the room. The hints of black do not dominate the decor in any way, but they do add definition to the monochrome setting. One white floor lamp showcases the unusual piece, whilst a second floor lamp provides task lighting to the sofa.

  • 5 |
A tiny contemplative figure walks the width of the huge unusual art print. The minimalist living room does not have an area rug to create extra/unnecessary layering, but it does have a simple white coffee table in front of the sofa to comfortably hold drinks.

  • 6 |
The tv is mounted onto a white slatted feature wall – the texture negates the need for strong colour to differentiate it.

  • 7 |
A dining area sits directly behind the living room sofa. Six white chairs match a white table which allows the open plan to flow seamlessly and quietly without any jarring changes of pace.

  • 8 |
The dining set runs straight up against a white kitchen island. An unusual island light has a planter incorporated into its design to bring in a little greenery.

  • 9 |
Kitchen base cabinets and wall units are entirely white, and accessorised with cool white LED shelf lights and a white faucet sink. Above the kitchen cabinets, there is a white slatted feature wall that continues up and over the ceiling too.

  • 10 |
The island is a standalone storage unit with a handle-free design to keep things sleek and neat.

  • 11 |
White slats climb the wall behind the floating staircase design too, in continuation from the tv wall decor. The treads of the modern staircase look like crisp folded white paper, with no balustrades there to ruin the illusion.

  • 12 |
  • Visualizer: Igor Sirotov
The second white minimalist style home scheme gives in to just a touch of colour, in the form of mellow yellow seating and matching rugs.

  • 13 |
Natural woven fibre keeps the look very earthy. The floor coverings being the same material and colourway as the seating makes the mats seem more like an extension of the furniture rather than separate pieces. The irregular shapes of the rugs encourage a little accessorising – like this cluster of decorative candles and tea light holders. Minimalism isn’t about living in a plain white cell – it’s about figuring out what brings you joy and focussing there.

  • 14 |
The small modern coffee table also holds a collection of books to read whilst cosying up on the couch.

  • 15 |
More books land over by the tv, on top of a console shelf. We can see from above that the module seating and mats could be arranged in many different ways to suit all sorts of spaces – making it a superb idea for renters who move around a lot. Sliding glass doors to the left of the sofa lead into an enclosed balcony.

  • 16 |
More candles live in this reading nook. An indoor plant adds to the sense of zen. Subtle pattern is provided by the same pale, textured wall and floor tiles as in the main living room, which keeps the look quietly consistent.

  • 17 |
A long kitchen stretches out behind the lounge. There is no colour in this portion of the open plan room, yet a natural woven style follows though into the seats of the bar stools. The soft woodgrain of a trestle leg kitchen island has been allowed to show through to continue the natural theme.

  • 19 |
A spot of monochrome pattern smooths over a comfortable pouffe by the door. A small side table equipped with books shows this to be a third cosy reading spot.

  • 20 |
The cooker extractor hood is set high into the ceiling to keep the kitchen design at its most minimal. A white pendant light marks out the eating area at the other end of the bench.

  • 21 |
There is a complete change of pace in the bedroom, where a black decor scheme promotes restful sleep.

  • 22 |
LED lights shine a safe passage to the bed in the black bedroom.

  • 23 |
Black curtains are poised to shut out window light.

  • 24 |
Back to the light side in the bathroom with more textured wall floor tiles, plus a matching vanity shelf. Find more unique laundry baskets here.

  • 25 |
A square toilet completes the sharp minimalist bathroom design.

  • 26 |
The black ensuite shower is accessorised with vivid red pipework. A rustic wooden stool brings toiletries within reach.

  • 27 |
More red pipework descends from the shower ceiling.

  • 28 |
White storage units look doubled against a large wall mirror.

  • 30 |
Lacy pattern plays over the black walls.

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