Bel-Air Mega Mansion, 25,000 Sq Ft

Bel-Air Mega Mansion, 25,000 Sq Ft

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This extraordinary property is a Californian mega mansion that measures in at 24922 square feet - not to mention the extra 20,000 square feet of outdoor decks, pool patios and established gardens. $88,000,000 will also buy you nine luxurious bedrooms and an impressive fifteen bathrooms on Sarbonne Road, in the elite Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. There is also a private movie theater in the property, a spa with a sauna, a steam room and a massage room, an art studio/gallery, a games room, a rooftop deck, and a state of the art car elevator that enables multiple cars to be stacked on top of one another.

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At the back of the modern exterior there is a two-story covered deck that has been designed to look like a picture frame, from which the homeowner can soak in amazing views of the LA skyline.

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The side elevation on the gargantuan house reveals a glimpse of the ingenious car elevator that has been designed to stack multiple cars on platforms.

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The rooftop deck fits right in with the green surroundings; it includes small trees and shrubs around sun loungers and seating areas for entertaining.

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A generously sized private swimming pool dominates almost half of the back garden square footage, running right up to and around the perimeter of the plot.

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By night the home exudes the atmosphere of a party pad, with glowing exterior lights and a blazing open flame fireplace along the base of the two-story picture frame deck.

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The second story of the rooftop deck extends like a curvaceous mezzanine platform over the top of the lower level.

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Stepping stones cross the still surface of the swimming pool.

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The glass sided car storage volumes create a private motor show.

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The rooftop deck includes a covered area to provide shade from the midday sun.

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Inside the luxury home the interior is a restful palette of natural hues and textures. Live edge coffee tables are teamed with stone coloured sofas and tan chairs beneath a wood covered ceiling. Vast windows reveal the balcony where the flames of exterior fireplaces burn brightly, conjuring ambiance and excitement.

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The chairs of the luxury dining room are smooth wood grain. Sixteen of the chairs line the edge of an elongated table, where a living centrepiece adds greenery on top. A projection brings a flock of birds to life over a stairwell behind the eating area as a focal point in the room.

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A two story home library is equipped with a plethora of books on the dual level stacks, which are accessed via a spiral staircase. A study desk floats in the centre of the lower level with a levitation effect. Some comfortable seating is situated by the windows to utilise the natural light.

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The main stairwell has a very curvaceous staircase design, where solid black balustrades have been lit with fiery LED strips.

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Wooden stairs spiral down, ending at an artistic tree installation.

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This amazing bedroom suite is bigger than most people’s entire houses. It has its own sitting room and deluxe ensuite bathroom facilities, plus a sprawling balcony.

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Two chaise lounges are placed at the centre of the ensuite bathroom in a conversational arrangement. A huge bathtub sits in the window, lit warmly around its base.

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A sputnik chandelier hangs above the chaises. A large fireplace stretches along one wall.

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Bathing by the window means taking in gorgeous views whilst soaking under the bubbles.

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The home theatre has a traditional living room arrangement down front, with plush cinema seats taking up the two back rows.

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Swing seats look out to the skyline.

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The twisting form of a mature tree on the property has been uplit to highlight its beauty by night.

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A jacuzzi is sunken into the swimming pool. Here it has been silenced so that the big screen can be enjoyed poolside.

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The luxury kitchen has a construct of wooden cabinets across the back wall, and wooden panels continue the natural look aesthetic around the entire room. A substantial central kitchen island stands as white units wrapped in a white marble countertop. The kitchen also contains a breakfast table.

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The patio offers up the third dining table on the tour, which is large enough for 18 diners. Darker coloured chairs have been interspersed along the row of to break up the monotony of beige. A trio of abundantly green centrepieces dress the long tabletop.

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Bar stools line up along a more casual table out on the deck, perfect for enjoying drinks and snacks with company.

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Speaking of drinks… check out the wine storage in this place! Think it’s safe to say you would never go dry.

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A poker table and a pool table equip the game room. Semi circular couches create social pockets in the rest of the entertainment space, which is reminiscent of a nightclub setup. A well stocked bar stands poised to please the guests.

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The walk-in closet looks like a bijou boutique. Each wall is filled with bespoke wooden garment rails and accessory shelves to hold the collection. A closet island runs down the centre of the room as a lavish extra touch.

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Every aspect of the house has its own amazing view of the green land surrounding the home, and of the glittering Los Angeles cityscape.

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