Dark, Warm Welcoming Apartment

Dark, Warm  Welcoming Apartment

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A chic picture is painted over a dark canvas in this home interior, visualised by Dezest. Warm neutrals and rich natural materials are the palette that softens the bold shadowy background, and add a tactile welcoming feel. The apartment is filled with the soft forms of fashionable furniture by brands such as Living Divani, Lago and BB. The lighting solutions, by Martinelli Luce and Kreon, add another layer of cosy yet composed ambiance. This is a compact dwelling but an open plan layout makes the place feel substantial. The floor plan includes a generous lounge with open kitchen and dining area, a bedroom with walk-in closet/dressing room and a luxurious bathroom with twin basins.

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The modern living room design is composed of earthy tones and dark planes, lifted by light wood tone and sparingly placed gold elements. A suspended ceiling maps out where the kitchen diner begins and ends.

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A largedecorative wall mirror lands at one end of the room; its rail serves as an umbrella rack. Beside it, a large glass closet keeps all the best garments on show. The lounge area floats on a large charcoal coloured area rug, which keeps it neatly bordered from the surrounding alternative functions of the multipurpose room.

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The heart of the room is the centrally placed modern sofa that offers seating around its full perimeter. The cleverly designed piece negates the need for extra furniture by being both part of the lounge and applicable to the kitchen at the very same time.

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The side of the central sofa also faces directly toward the glass closet, and therefore serves a third purpose as a handy dressing stool.

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Instead of mounting a dominating black flat screen television on the wall, the living room has been equipped with a projection screen. A retractable screen makes for a much cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic when not in use.

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A narrow shelf runs below the projection screen when it is unfurled. The simple shelf is enough to take the plainess off the wall in front of the sofa, and is used to display just a few decorative items. A vase of dried feathery foliage matches the other tactile neutrals within the scheme.

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Vintage suitcases are used as storage boxes upon the shelves inside the glass closet; they evoke a sophisticated, well travelled look and keep less attractive bits and pieces out of sight.

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Behind the lounge, adjacent to the kitchen diner, there is a minimalist home office by the window. The dedicated home office area is fitted with a bespoke desk design and a stack of practical shelving. A structural support column has been clad in dramatic smoked mirrored glass to reflect the light and the room.

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A deep upholstered bench seat offers a cosy cushioned perch at the computer – though lack of a supportive backrest would not suit those who spend long hours in front of the screen. On the plus side, it allows two people to gather at the desk to brainstorm, sort through household bills or book that next holiday.

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Between the windows, a sculptural wall light provides interest and a warming glow down a plain wall.

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Two brown upholstered armchairs nestle beneath the wall lights; a small side table stands between. Neighbouring bookshelves make this an ideal reading spot.

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A circular rug echoes the shape of the small tabletop.

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A mirrored base creates the optical illusion that the dining table is cantilevered from the side of the kitchen island. Above the table, a modern chandelier further connects the dining and kitchen zones.

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Full height kitchen units behind the island are a dark brown-black woodgrain. Black integrated appliances and a black faucett round off the look.

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The master suite is an open plan bedroom with wardrobe. An open grid shelving unit behind the headboard helps to divide the functions of the room, defining the sleep zone from the dressing area. White storage boxes provide a visual stop on the open shelves, and long planters of greenery feather the edges.

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The platform bed has integrated bedside shelves to keep the look clean and together.

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Bedside lights are suspended from the ceiling.

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The ensuite bathroom is visible through a glass wall.

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Beyond the open shelves behind the headboard, the dressing area is lit by a large window.

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A small makeup vanity table and vanity chair are seated by the window pane, where sheer white drapes blow in the breeze. Both the vanity table and mirror boast curvaceous edges to break up the clean lines that surround. Glass doors protect the contents of the closet.

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Light floods into the ensuite bathroom through huge windows behind the wash area.

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The luxury bathtub is trimmed with an integrated gold towel rail. A shallow shelf scores the wall above it, storing toiletries – and bath taps – out of plain sight.

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There is a glass WC enclosure within the bathroom.

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Golden rungs climb the wall by the walk-in shower, poised to warm towels.

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Lustrous gold fittings add a luxurious touch to a black shower wall.

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