Refined Room Designs In Grey Decor

Refined Room Designs In Grey Decor

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This refined home is a vision of pale grey decor, put together by LVI Studio. It is a sophisticated open plan with high ceilings and arched windows. The interior carries a sense of tradition, through its classic looking kitchen cabinets and chunky cast iron radiators, bedside edison bulb wall sconces and a velvety tufted headboard. The apartment also contains pieces of a more modern style alongside the classical influence, such as Eames Eiffel dining chairs, a slouchy blue sofa formal accent chair combo, and crystal clear glass globe pendants. The walk-in wardrobe is perhaps the most modern spot in the home, where garments are stored up to the rafters and accessed via librarian ladder.

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Sweeping window drapes fall from the lofty ceiling height to the floor, bordering each of the four arched windows in the living room. The heavy curtain fabric is a smooth shade of pale grey that sits just a click darker than the walls of the room. A selection of small indoor plants dress the window sills, alongside a few special decorative vases and sculptures.

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A duo of nesting coffee tables take up the centre spot in the lounge. Black glass table tops sit atop brass bases, in contrast with a light grey area rug underneath. The reflective black tops complement the glossy black arms of two accent chairs in the lounge, which face the sofa.

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The slouchy blue sofa is positioned to face the flat screen television that is mounted on the wall behind the accent chairs. The grey area rug holds the mix and match furniture arrangement together as one floating room within the larger open plan design.

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The one-wall kitchen with dining area is positioned to the side of the lounge seating, where wood flooring stretches out from beneath the living room carpet. The dining table perfectly matches the warming tone of the natural wood floor planks. Two clear glass dining room pendant lights are suspended low over the table to visually anchor the eating spot in its place, as well as to illuminate dinner times.

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Kitchen wall cabinets and open shelving have been double banked to make good use of the high ceilings in the home. A rail runs along the front of the cabinetry, on which to attach a librarian ladder, in order to access the highest volumes of storage.

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The grey colour of the chic Eiffel dining chairs looks soft against their natural wood tone legs and dining room tabletop.

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The open kitchen shelving holds a multitude of culinary items, white crockery and sparkling wine glasses on display. Closed cabinets on on hand to conceal the less attractive life clutter.

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A crisp white Belfast sink stands out proudly between the dark grey kitchen cabinets. A chrome faucet matches with the chrome cabinet handles. Wood chopping boards bring some of the natural tone of the dining table and wood flooring into the mix.

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A polished concrete backsplash and countertop gives the traditionally framed kitchen design a modern edge.

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Moulded doors, architraves and skirting boards have all been painted in the same subtle shade of grey as the hallway walls. The shade continues seamlessly into the master bedroom.

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A dark velvety tufted headboard contrasts against pale painted walls, and supports a cushiony wall of throw pillows.

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A frilly pendant light adds warmer tones to the cool hue room, matching a bed throw of the same colour.

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Industrial style wall sconces dangle edison bulbs from black electrical cable at either side of the bed. Black doors boldly dress a wardrobe.

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There is also a completely separate walk-in wardrobe that is accessed directly from the hallway. It has a full wall of open closet fixtures, from end-to-end and top-to-toe. Handle-free chests of drawers make up the bottom layer of the installation, with garments displayed on hanging rails above them. The next layer is open shelves that are accessed using a librarian ladder, and finally a row of closed cupboards. A tufted bench seat rests beneath a large round wall mirror on the opposite side of the room.

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The librarian ladder can be unhooked from its rail in order to be used out in the kitchen to access the occasional items on the highest shelves. Natural light floods into the dressing room via another beautiful arched window.

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A white bathroom scheme is weighted by dark grey tiles at its base, covering the floor and the lower quarter of each wall. Mirrored doors conceal a storage chamber at the end of the shower enclosure.

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A chrome bathroom faucet serves the wall mounted white basin unit.

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The entryway to the apartment block is of an elegant classic design, with diamond checkerboard floor tiling. An arch in the architecture echoes the shape of the windows in each room.

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The doors of the mirrored storage chamber in the bathroom open up to reveal a utility spot, containing a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer. You would never know that they were there behind the silver glass – unless they were switched on and rumbling of course.

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A tall mirror is propped freely against the wall in the hallway. Its heavy black frame brings a strong base note to the light grey scheme. A grey runner dresses the wood floor.

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