Decorating With Vertical Gardens A Unique Lighting Scheme

Decorating With Vertical Gardens  A Unique Lighting Scheme

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This sleek home visualisation, by Room Design, features a sophisticated grey palette that is brightened with structured green vertical gardens. Mustard accents in the shape of plump scatter cushions and modern dining chairs also splash colour into the modern mix. The dark hued home is illuminated, outlined and accentuated by carefully considered and prolific lighting schemes. The room lighting plans feature the latest in track lighting design, under cabinet lighting, eye-catching pendant lights and modern wall sconces - but the bathroom lights are something unique, in a league all of their own. The vertical gardens and lights aren’t the only stars of the show here though, this home is wall to wall with unique decor ideas.

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Black and mustard accent cushions dress a large grey modern sofa in the living room, but its the lushness of a structured vertical garden that draws the eye. Diagonal lines of tropical planting cascade down the full height of the lounge wall. The wide stripe of greenery marks a visual divide between the large modern living room and a smaller seating area in the window.

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Opposite the living room sofa there is a tv wall with a flush mounted flat screen. Wood panelling covers the rest of the column wall, with a recessed shelving niche at one side in a sharp black finish. The column also serves as a partial dividing wall between the lounge and the kitchen diner.

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The small seating area in the window of the living room is further defined as its own individual area by a change in flooring. Two pendant lights are suspended over a Live Edge coffee table between two modern grey accent chairs.

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A neat wraparound side table serves the sofa.

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The same pair of wall sconces are used on a charcoal colour wall by the lounge.

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More mustard yellow scatter cushions appear inside the kitchen diner, this time across a built-in window seat design. The modern dining chairs match the colour of the cushions in their upholstery, and a large piece of black and yellow wall art rounds off the look.

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Living greenery moves into this room decor palette in the form of a table centrepiece and herb planters.

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The modern kitchen is teamed with wooden wall cabinets to add a little warmth to the industrial chic concrete walls.

  • 10 |
Under cabinet lighting washes down over the backsplash in the galley kitchen. Two black swivel bar stools are seated beneath the low hung kitchen pendant lights.

  • 11 |
In the master bedroom, a strip of LED lights trim the edge of the headboard wall behind a platform bed.

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A grey unit provides a couple of storage drawers at one side of the bed. On the other side there is a black side table that also serves the modern chaise lounge chair by the window.

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A third pairing of the favoured modern wall sconces make an appearance in the bedroom. The modern wall sconces have been positioned to mark the way to an ensuite bathroom that lies beyond a pair of obscured glass doors.

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The interior glass doors open to reveal a luxury bathroom, with a truly unique lighting design that completely covers the entire ceiling in criss-crossing beams.

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A waterfall shower thunders down behind a frameless shower screen.

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A double sink bathroom vanity occupies one wall. LEDs glow from the top and bottom edge of the large vanity mirror, illuminating a textured wood wall.

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Black panels cover the rest of the bathroom, causing dramatic contrast with the white freestanding bathtub, basins and accessories.

  • 20 |
Two box shelves decorate the dark wall by the bath.

  • 21 |
An altogether lighter scheme is present in the children’s room. The kids’ beds are a bunk bed design with a cloud shaped safety rail. A balloon light floats nearby. Flush mounted ceiling lights of different diameters are scattered in a carefree irregular pattern.

  • 22 |
The children’s ensuite bathroom has its own vertical garden, growing above a fitted bathtub.

  • 23 |
A narrow shelf runs the length of the bathtub to hold soap and lotion dispensers. A pedestal basin is nestled in the small space by the bath.

  • 24 |
Four illuminated bathroom mirrors are mounted in a tumbling formation above the pedestal basin and bathtub.

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A tower of recessed shelving is tucked by the vanity mirror arrangement.

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The cloakroom has dramatically dark decor, lightened by the white stripe of a flush fitted vanity unit and shelving niche.

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Three dimensional grey tiles decorate the hallway.

  • 28 |
A panel of botanical sculpture brings intrigue to a dark wall.

  • 29 |
Razor sharp profiles make up a unique set of shelving.

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A large indoor plant stands by the desk in the home office. A wireframed floor lamp matches the wire caging that supports a stone feature wall.

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The stone wall is brightly lit to accentuate it’s texture.

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Bunched red electrical cords bring a strong accent colour to the natural palette of the room.

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