Modern Open Plan With Refreshing Colour Infusions

Modern Open Plan With Refreshing Colour Infusions

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This modernistic apartment is filled with unexpected and refreshing colour infusions coupled with interesting and unique furniture designs. The interior, designed and visualised by Sens Studio, is an airy space with white painted walls and a confetti patterned floor. Areas of light natural wood grain bring relief from the contemporary materials that make up the open plan green and grey kitchen arrangement, ice white and bright yellow home office zone, russet toned lounge and dining room, and bright turquoise splashed bedroom decor. Sliding glass partition walls have been implemented to subtly section off the master bedroom in this home, whilst still maintaining a soft transparency and free flow.

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Beginning in the lounge are of the spacious open plan living room, we find a sectionalmodern sofa. An individual footstool piece shares the centre of the floor with a highly unusual coffee table and an eye-catching monochrome side table. The cool tables are set on a casual natural woven rug to hold the mix-and-match arrangement together.

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A black floor reading lamp with a marble base is set at one end of the russet toned modern sofa. The slender light provides task lighting, or soft side lighting in the evening time.

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The unique coffee table at the very centre of the arrangement stands like a white marble sculpture of half a ring doughnut. The other black and white granite table acts as a visual link between the light marble coffee table and the dark floor reading lamp. A natural coffee pot and coffee mugs match the tone of the woven area rug. Grey and white scatter cushions on the sofa bring in elements of au courant geometric pattern to the setup.

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The dining area runs straight off the side of the lounge. The flat screen television that is wall mounted opposite the sofa in the lounge can also be viewed from the open plan eating area.

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The modern dining chairs follow the same colour pallette as the adjacent sofa and scatter cushions; the continued colour story forms one cohesive look.

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Having a dining bench on one side of the table means that there are no chair backs facing the lounge area; this helps the open floor plan remain free-flowing and feeling sociable. The wooden material of the bench also adds another warm natural accent to the room.

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Exposed ducting continues from the ceiling of the dining room and provides the grey and green kitchenwith an industrial vibe. One of the white ducts serves an island extractor unit over a black induction hob.

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An orange faucet protrudes out of the light green backsplash in the kitchen to bring unexpected contrast. The warm hue complements the natural wood panelled walls and doors in the home entryway behind.

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Two white kitchen bar stools sit at the light green countertop of a breakfast bar. Their pure finish matches the white support legs of the peninsula.

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Handle-free, slab fronted grey kitchen units fade away into the background, blending with neighbouring raw concrete walls. All of the large kitchen appliances have been hidden out of plain view which adds to the rooms abstract look. Directional ceiling lights are arranged to create concentrated cuts of light and shade.

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A bespoke installation of white floating shelves extrude from a white wall opposite the kitchen, in an exploded ladder formation. Model cars are displayed on their glass tops.

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Another installation of unique shelving can be found above double workspaces in the home office. Yellow pegs extend at regular intervals within a rectangle of wall space, with the lowest pegs used to support a length of glass, which is used as a bookshelf.

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A white glass partition right by the home office can be drawn back to reveal the bedroom, giving a peep of an upholstered grey platform bed and ice white closets.

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The sliding interior doors disappear at the edge of the confetti pattern floor that covers the entire open plan living area. Inside the bedroom, a wood laminate floor takes the place of the confetti floor. A white panelled headboard wall holds modern wall sconces, which light each side of the bed in a soft glow.

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The white glass doors have a semi-transparent quality from inside the bedroom, allowing the open plan living area to be seen from the sleep space.

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The bedroom decor scheme is mainly plain white and dark grey, though a small side table at each side of the bed bring in playful splashes of turquoise.

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The home plan shows a good run of closet space alongside the bed that continues into a small dressing area. There is an extra wardrobe located by the home entryway, behind the kitchen.

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When the glass doors of the bedroom partition wall are opened all the way, the bedroom becomes part of the home office area. The two zones are joined by a set of bookcases and tall storage cabinets in the mid section. The exposed ducts seen running across the living room and kitchen in an industrial style effect can also be found in the bathroom and above the closets in the bedroom.

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