Stylish Streamlined One Room Living

Stylish Streamlined One Room Living

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A home doesn’t need to be of sprawling square footage to hold a gorgeous and comfortably functional interior, the best ideas can come in very small packages. Take this couple of one room living spaces as great examples. These two compact studio apartments each incorporate bold features with a stand out sense of style. The furnishings have been cleverly streamlined and cleanly zoned to tick all of the boxes for a modern life of working from home, rest and relaxation, and even socialising. Inventive area planning, bespoke furniture design and considered colour schemes add up to make two cool compact living environments where perceived limitations of space dissolve away.

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  • Designer: aTng 糖 Dunqiang Chen
Our first one room living space has a smooth grey colour palette that evokes a relaxing atmosphere. Seating solutions span one entire wall of the living area. Of two matching bespoke bench seats, the first acts as banquette seating at a dining table, and the second as a slimline sofa situated in optical alignment with the television screen. A bed is located on a raised platform – an anchored installation that runs into the seating base structure.

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A single trundle bed can be drawn out from beneath the double platform bed to provide sleeping quarters for a child; this kind of trundle design would also come in handy as a guest sleeper. A section from the steps leading to the double bed slide away to form the headboard of the single sleeper. The stepped headboard provides a small shelf that can be used as a bedside unit.

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A swing arm wall lamp is positioned between the two bench seats to provide extra illumination when and where needed. All of the wall art on display is monochrome so that the small space does not become overwhelmed with clashing colours and styles.

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On the opposite side to the dining banquette seating stands two modern dining chairs.

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A humorous art print is propped casually against the wall. It adds to the spot hints of green placed around the grey and wood tone decor scheme.

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When the second bed is not in situ, a set of unique coffee tables are moved into the centre of the lounge area and a cosy bean bag chair is pulled around to make a sociable seating space.

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Below the TV, a wall mounted wood and concrete console unit incorporates a planter. Cacti inhabit the unit, along with a Rosendahl Kay Bojesen monkey.

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Matching the finish of the console unit are a set of wood and concrete pendants, you can get these here.

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Behind the dining table, a peg board provides wall hooks and handy shelving that can be quickly rearranged on a whim.

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By the entry door, a narrow bench and a set of wall hooks provide simple organisation.

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A small kitchen is recessed into a wall volume that flanks the length of the double bed.

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A fridge-freezer, three cupboards and a washing machine complete the run of base units. Open kitchen shelving occupies the wall space next to a stainless steel extractor.

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  • Designer: Cartelle Design
The second studio apartment is a 40.57 square metre home in Moscow.

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This interior was designed for a young female homeowner who spends most of her downtime reading and relaxing. The homeowners love of reading is reflected in the book storage incorporated into the base of bespoke window seating.

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The eating area of this small home is large enough to formally seat a party of four. A stylishly mismatched dining table chair combination makes the set appear less intrusive on the space. A linear suspension light visually anchors the rectangular dining table in position.

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The dining area is dressed with a selection of art prints, stood at floor level.

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The sleeping area is situated directly opposite the dining table, clearly zoned by use of bright colour.

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4 poster beds aren’t an obvious choice for an ultra compact living space, but this sunny yellow design appears like a room within a room. The bed box base sits upon a yellow platform that has LED lighting around its perimeter, as if it were a floating island.

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The bedroom-within-a-room also has its own pendant light, wall art and even its own window.

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A tray table nestles to the side of the bedroom platform, complementing the wood and black framed finish of the neighbouring dining table.

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A painted brick wall gives the quirky interior an industrial edge.

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Hanging chairs work well in compact spaces.

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Despite the tiny proportions of this home, there is a dedicated home office area.

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A built in desk has been located in a nook between the combined lounge/diner/bedroom and the bathroom.

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The desk chair design matches the dining chairs, providing the option of fluidly moving the seats around the apartment as needed whilst being in-keeping with the design of each zone.

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Recessed shelves provide neat storage by the work area.

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The bathroom holds a black toilet and matching vanity unit.

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Past the black and white facilities, pink tiling in the shower enclosure injects some colour into the bathroom.

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A black heated towel rail at the end of the shower enclosure and black floor tiling tie the two areas together.

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A closet is fitted opposite the home office.

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