Funky Modern Interior with Natural Accents Geometric Decor

Funky Modern Interior with Natural Accents  Geometric Decor

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Life, energy and vitality; this modern interior design visualised by Zarysy exudes them all. A vivacious colour scheme takes inspiration from the beautifully up-close views of nature, which is just about tapping against the outside of the window panes with its outstretched branches. The uplifting green, blue, yellow and wood tone colour palette is teamed with unabashed geometric styling across area rugs in each room, contemporary pendant lighting, geo floor tiles and unique wall decorations. The home, an area of 52 square metres in Warsaw, also holds a whole host of book shelving ideas that stash tomes in just about every nook and cranny the home has to offer.

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An inviting open plan living room awaits, filled with natural light from large windows. A deep window seat runs the length of the treetop view, wide enough to lounge on and stay a while – perhaps with one of those books opportunely stored beneath.

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In fact, this is a perfect living room for a book lover, with even more volumes stacked up and over the window frames, in a cosy wooden surround. A neat wall sconce is mounted in the resulting nook, to light the pages as nighttime falls.

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A unique end table situated between the sofa and the reading nook provides an opportune place for perching a steamy cup of tea or cocoa, to be enjoyed whilst soaking up the outside view or the words from the pages. A geometric wall decoration displays photographs above the modern sofa.

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A simple central coffee table sits atop a bold geo rug in a monochrome colour way. The seating in the room is also in shades of grey to balance out the brighter elements in the room.

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Two accent chairs are upholstered in lush leaf-green fabric, beside a smooth grey television console unit.

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The coffee tables are matched by a long wooden console unit on the opposite side to the window seat. A selection of wall shelves, three short and two long, are fixed above it in an undulating formation for displaying more books and knick-knacks.

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A duo of large white pendant lights hang low over the centre of the lounge.

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Aqua blue is the accent colour of choice in the eating area, where blue dining chair cushions are matched by coated table legs.

  • 10 |
Also in black wirework, a geometric wall decoration above the table end matches the one seen over in the lounge, giving the two areas some common design ground despite the alternate colour scheme. A large botanical themed print adorns the opposite wall to the geo mural to draw a little natural green tone in from the sitting area and the great view.

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Behind the eating area, a change in flooring visually marks out a hallway. In this hallway, a bespoke build of bookshelves has been fitted along the length and full height of the space. The installation is designed as three columns that fit between and either side of two internal doors.

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The floor of the home entryway is covered in an eye-catching aqua, taupe and white geometric pattern tile. The front door is finished in black; the walls around it and ceiling above it are painted a solid warm grey to give the small spot it’s own separate sense of space.

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A built-in seat furnishes one side of the home entryway, with a seat cushion upholstered in a light aqua fabric. The seating nook is lined in solid yellow in contrast.

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The nook is backed by a mirror over its entire height, making the feature appear as though it stretches further back into the wall than is physically possible. A trendy exposed bulb pendant light brightens the narrow space.

  • 15 |
The kitchen backsplash introduces another stripe of cool aqua to the decor scheme, illuminated at its upper edge by a strip of white LED lighting. Connecting kitchen cabinets provide a yellow hue in their wood tone.

  • 16 |
The upper cupboards are charcoal in contrast, as are the drawers of a central kitchen island that sits beneath three large matching kitchen pendant lights. A sprig of greenery is found at the end of the generously sized island, in a set of three indoor herb planters. The planters bring a little hint of nature indoors from what’s seen beyond the windows at the same end of the room.

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A light floor keeps the look airy in the black, white and wood themed kitchen. A smooth white surround hugs the floating island, which reaches higher than the worktop. The surround creates a taller mounting wall for the flat screen television bracket in the lounge; it also shields the living room from an undesirable view of potential kitchen messes, and protects from food splashes.

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In the master bedroom, two black anglepoise bedside table lamps sit atop wooden drawers units.

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Another geometric rug is laid beneath the bed, in shades of grey to match the completely upholstered headboard feature wall. A yellow knitted throw matches yellow wood tone.

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Light aqua wardrobes add a breezy note to the grey and wood tone bedroom scheme. Two planters of grasses by the window bring in greenery.

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At the foot of the double bed, a simple home office setup sits below a bank of wall shelves. A wooden chair matches the wooden desk.

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