Green and Gold Interior With Modern Eclectic Vibe [Includes Floor Plans]

Green and Gold Interior With Modern Eclectic Vibe [Includes Floor Plans]

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There is a clear harmony in a green and gold colour combination in decor. Maybe it is reminiscent of colours found in nature, like the changing colours of tree leaves in the weeks leading from summer into autumn, or of strong sunlight dancing over wild grass. Whatever it is, the pairing also has a regal quality that adds an air of sophistication in whichever space they grace. Take this green and gold home tour designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova. This apartment has tones that vary from an aqua blue-green hue all the way over to deep forest green, and gold that ranges from classic gleaming metallic to matte golden yellow fabric.

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This green and gold colour journey starts with a decidedly aqua blue-green tone. A section of wall and ceiling around the floor to ceiling windows is of a turquoise hue, brightly framing the natural light source in the room. The colour band creates a visual pitstop at the end of an elongated layout. A couple of indoor plants soak up the sunlight that filters through white privacy voiles across the exterior glass.

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Taupe upholstery on a deep cushioned sofa works beautifully with the vivid blue-green paint colour, slightly neutralising its intensity. A selection of graphic scatter pillows tie the two hues together. A bold black and beige throw edged with tassels gives the neutral sofa a fresh and youthful flourish. Behind the sofa a stack of white display shelves stand against a white wall, holding a selection of framed pictures, books, decorative candles and wine glasses.

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A trio of contemporary wall lights mark the sudden transition of wall colour, and draw attention to a textured surface of the wall.

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A pair of round wooden nesting tables hold a gold designer table lamp, for use as a focussed task light on the sofa.

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Opposite the taupe fabric sofa is an understated console unit, made with a combination of wood, glass and black powder coated metal. The floating wooden volume at the centre of the low console unit is three drawers used to stow away DVDs or games for viewing or playing on the wall mounted flat screen TV above it. The television is situated on a plain white wall with concealed wiring. The expanse of white balances out the eye-catching colour around the window nearby. Two decorative panels are also in white, casually propped against the plain wall at floor level.

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A modern eclectic dining set has been curated for this space. It consists of a gold dining table big enough to seat four to six people. Two gold wire-frame chairs and two black leather chairs have been selected.

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Green glass decorative vases adorn the dining table top, tying the eating area in with the green kitchen cabinets that stand behind it. They are teamed with a small black plant pot to match with the two black leather dining chairs.

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The dark forest green kitchen cabinets are accessorised with gold door handles that gleam luxuriously in the light. The wall and ceiling framing the kitchen area has been painted in a matching shade, echoing the colourful framing stripe around the window opposite.

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Interior glazing keeps the home feeling spacious and airy. Sliding glass doors are famed in ebony black. White curtains hide away the view of the dressing room when in use, where stacked grey pouffes provide a seat.

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Glazed panels above the green kitchen let borrowed light through to the bathroom behind the wall. The kitchen backsplash is made of light marble to complement the corian worktop that is accessorised with a white faucet and white kitchen sink.

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The flooring throughout the apartment is wide wood plank with a dark distressed stain effect. This cohesive look connects the living area seamlessly with the bedroom.

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Going through into the bedroom we find a tassel edged monochrome bed coverlet with geometric pattern, laid over a golden yellow upholstered bedstead.

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A stripe of matching golden yellow has been painted around the perimeter of the room where the coving lies. A piece of abstract wall art also carries splashes of gold to connect the yellow of the upper and lower levels.

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Neat gold wall sconces on white hinged arms act as reading lights at each side of the upholstered yellow headboard.

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Each swing arm sconce is mounted above a wooden bedside unit with storage drawers. Beneath these an area rug has been situated to keep the floor warm underfoot around the bed.

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The padded headboard of the yellow bed wings out from the base to create a cosy cocoon.

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A gold wall clock decorates a plain white hallway.

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A gold trim adds a luxe finish to the white marble tile floor in the home entryway.

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A unique green bathroom vanity is accessorised with a black faucet, bottle trap and black wall mounted soap dispenser. A coordinated green towel hangs on an adjacent towel rail. The circular shape of the basin and vanity shelf is matched by a round mirror. The black metal frame of the vanity is echoed by the mirrors thin black frame.

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The wash basin zone is visually separated from the bath area with the installation of dark wood tongue and groove over the floor, walls and around the bathtub itself.

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White LED lighting brightens the dark wood decor around the bath zone. A white towel ladder provides a place to hang a green bath towel.

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