Go Black or White In These Two Sloped Ceiling Apartments

Go Black or White In These Two Sloped Ceiling Apartments

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Have an attic roof or sloped ceiling? Take advantage of your feature, by designing an interior that complements its angles. These two stylish apartments offer sloped-roof solutions in both light and dark decors, to show how clever detailing and furniture placement can make your slopes look scintillating. Create an angular loft, with double-height windows and a central brick column. Use ladders to reach snug sleeping lofts lined in bright yellow. Illuminate odd corners with focused LEDs, and unusual niches with triangular windows. Celebrate your home’s unique sloped roofing, with these two very-different apartments quenching your thirst for inspiration.

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Our first penthouse apartment keeps it light and breezy, with one-and-a-half storeys drenched in white, exposed brick and pops of industrial yellow. Looking down from a ladder, we get a view of the main living area, whose light wooden floors hold both a dining and lounge. Lit by French windows spanning across the level, strong yellows and blacks dominate the lounge, with a leather suite and coffee table perching sturdily on a rug. The kitchen and dining is kept whiter with a pinch of yellow in table edges and flowers. An exposed brick column separates the two.

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A view from the lounge reveals more yellow features. The ladder’s hue is reflected in coffee table legs and the circular rug’s trim. A similar shade covers the suite’s cushions, while the roof slope leads to more yellow framing upstairs.

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Helping coordinate the colour scheme, similarly-patterned cushions and throws in grey mimic those in yellow. A daschund makes the seat his home, while he contemplates the table’s vased sprig of yellow.

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Dominating a separate corner, the office spills light on its accent chair through a sloped-ceiling window. Accompanied by an open filing cabinet and radiator painted white, its blank canvas focuses attention on the room’s angles. Suitcases to the side say travel, a range of plants on the windowsill a desire to stay green.

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The dining room uses similar cues, with white-painted radiators and indoor plants on the sill. Using the exposed brick column as a snazzy background wall, its chairs make a feature of the radiators, with similar white-grilled seats creating a feeling of the industrial. A strong table rim in yellow reinforces the interior.

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Headed by three diamond-shaped pendants, the kitchen breaks traditional boundaries by placing one bench to the side, and another in a cubby. Propped up by square drawers in a muted blue, the closer bench provides cutlery and fruit, a handy place to store platters for incoming guests. The larger bench to the right, headed by charcoal cabinetry and larger blue cabinets, offers a separate space for washing and cooking. Strong lines in yellow connect the central ladder, table’s rim and lurking upper level into one cohesive interior.

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The main kitchen bench shows its stripes against an angled wall, which elongates its lower cabinets and makes its upper ones smaller. Wooden accessories play in a rolling pin and knife holder, which offer friendship to the door, a household feature in dark brown. Foregrounded by tulips, another angled wall to the side hosts a variety of herbs in the same striking yellow planters. A unique kitchen pendant light is subtle during the day, invaluable for cooking at night.

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A non-intrusive feature in this boldly-accented home, mirrored doors boast storage whilst blending into the background. Reflecting the lounge or dining room, they’re an easy way to make the space appear larger.

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Shedding sun from another slope, the bedroom’s ceiling goes brighter with an in-built skylight. White walls, white radiators and a matching white wardrobe keep the look fresh and airy. Pops of grey and yellow hark to the lounge, as do the similarly-patterned but differently-hued throws.

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Beside the yellow rug and above a wooden bucket, a crafty wall sconce sheds light without causing drama.

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As the door leads to the ensuite, a mid century modern dresser with a contemporary charcoal finish holds flowers reminiscent of the kitchen. The same wooden flooring runs throughout, making maintaining flow easy.

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Matching the dresser’s hue, the bathroom’s shelves display the home’s colour palette. Browns in back brushes and potted plants refer to the kitchen’s knife holder and rolling pin. Squared-off black baskets remind us of the lounge’s leather seats and office accent chair. Bright yellows found throughout the home sit amidst tiling in abundant white.

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Leading us in with a yellow towel on the rail, the bathroom’s white tiling turns into a bath. Lit by LEDs in the corners, it provides a perfect place to relax and smell the scented candles.

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Take a peek at the floor plans for further insight on this apartment.

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  • Visualizer: Now Design
Our second sloped apartment takes us on a darker journey. Starting off in the minimalist living room, a sloped ceiling offers windows side by side, as a large LED adds glow under a wall groove. A cream L-shaped sofa snakes under the light, as a bevy of cushions provide sophisticated comfort. A potted fern and coffee table in understated black accompany the scene.

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Tilted to reveal a glass-walled bedroom, this inspirational example for black living rooms makes the most out its angular roof. As its slope accelerates above the potted fern’s fronds, more light abounds in a wooden floor matching the walls.

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Lined detailing in the interior gives it a modern feel. Subtle grooves in the floor run parallel to joins in the glass. The stenciled leg of the coffee table matches the form of a modern floor lamp, here the Tab by Flos.

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Headlined by dining pendant lights in the shape of a globe, the dining room sits pretty with an understated seating set. Gorgeous niches show in a cavity window to the side and triangular bookcase.

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As we turn again, the globe pendant meets its match in a black TV on the wall. Modern dining chairs match the wall’s charcoal complexion, while the kitchen states its case in a full wooden enclave. Black appliances, a stone splashback and benching ensure it suits its darker interior.

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The roof’s unusual contours allow a triangular window to mirror the bookcase, also creating fascinating geometric contrast next to the globe pendant light. As the window streams light through the kitchen’s corridor, cabinetry steps in to make a room of two-hued halves.

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Through the glass façade on the apartment’s other side, the bedroom makes itself known. Showing the lounge’s large fern and another flat screen on wood, its bed drapes in taupe leather under a sloped roof.

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As two metallic bedside tables greet the bed on either side, a bedside table lamp perches upon each one. Standing out against the roof’s grainy wooden hues, they remind of the stenciled standing lamp and table in the lounge.

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Decked from head to toe in the kitchen’s splashback stone, the bathroom bathes itself under an angled skylight. A varnished tree trunk acts as an unusual dressing table, as a porcelain bath and toilet relax beside candles.

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Making the most of its angles, the sloped roof becomes a wall, cutting a mirror diagonally to fit its edges. A light-wooden bathroom cabinet references the wider interior’s floors.

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Spread long across its width, the stone finish feels glamorous with an LED lighting over. Another glow underneath the bath, paired with the skylight and candles, is the perfect setting for a night of romance.

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As a charcoal door prepares the exit, the shower hides in a glass panel. A brown-painted towel rail harks to the dining room’s chairs, while the tree trunk has the final say with pampering lotions and oils.

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