50 Designer Table Lamps To Light Up Your Home With Luxury

50 Designer Table Lamps To Light Up Your Home With Luxury

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Every table needs a lamp – but where do you find the best of the best? Forget night-time jaunts to IKEA – we’ve uncovered some of the lighting world’s best-kept secrets in our top 50 list. Enjoy an intelligent table lamp on your late night in, with a rounded wooden plinth clamped to your desk. Take Victorian style into the 21st Century, with a brass fuse propping up a bulb in crystal. Find out why the Piccola lamp has a base in lambskin leather. Make your home glow with beautiful, well-designed table lamps for your office, living room or bedroom, with our top 50.

Watch the video: Teak Branch Table Lamp, Eco-Friendly Bedside lamp Eco-Luxury Nos Natura (July 2022).


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