Modern Monochrome Tribal Decor

Modern Monochrome Tribal Decor

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Tribal design has long been an inspiration in the world of interiors, bringing with it strong pattern, natural woven elements and interesting art. Often tribal interiors revel in hot tones but the modern tribal trend takes a different tack. These home tours show us how a cool monochrome treatment transforms tribal pattern into black and white geometrics. This at first glance may be reminiscent of a Scandinavian scheme but theres an entirely different vibe pushing through. Majestic ethnic artwork overlooks spaces where natural materials are more dominant than in a Scandi setting, and large handcrafted vessels create bold focal points.

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  • Visualizer: Home D
Located near the sea in Odessa, Ukraine, our first apartment has a crisp modern backdrop. Layered over the minimalist wooden kitchen, huge basketweave light shades fill the space above a central breakfast bar. A series of large ceramic pots, in deep earthy brown tones, create moments of interest around the light open plan room.

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A low-level wooden coffee table and decorative bowl continue the natural tones over in the lounge area.

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Striking ethnic artwork sets the tribal tone immediately on entering the home. The design elements around the rest of the room draw from the tonal shades of this piece.

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Above two kitchen stools we can see that the edge of the breakfast bar has a naturally curvaceous edge to it.

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The sides of the black bar stools let slivers of light through, echoing the woven style of the rattan kitchen counter pendants.

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The skull and backward-curling horns of a North African Nubian Ibex adorn one ice-white wall.

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By the front door, a recessed nook of shelves are decorated with a set of feathered arrows and a matching vase; plus two coordinated wicker baskets for organising small items such as gloves and hats. A round mirror is hung by a leather strap slung over a wooden hook, perfectly positioned for that last minute appearance check at the door.

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Walls and floors throughout the apartment are whitewashed. Black louvre doors conceal storage space in the entryway, next to a modern black coat rack.

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The kitchen units form a frame around a section of backsplash. The white kitchen backsplash is of an uneven rustic texture.

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Rattan storage baskets nestle under a bench that is draped with plaited rope.

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Screened off by organic linen curtains, a sleeping area has a simple scheme.

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Behind the louvre doors in the hallway is a walk in closet. In here, the white washed wooden floor continues up and over the walls. A circular hemp rug decorates the space.

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Baskets are used in here for storage on the highest shelves, to hide away out of season items.

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Dried fronds fill a vase placed on top of the bathroom vanity unit.

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The bathroom basin is shaped like a half formed clay bowl on a potter’s wheel; it appears to emerge directly out of the countertop.

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  • Visualizer: Nguyễn Thanh Tùng
Our second modern tribal inspired home has a slightly busier energy than the first. We find a greater use of tribal pattern and artefacts. Similarities lie in the whitewashed backdrop though, and another cool dome shaped wicker dining pendant light, which you can find similar to here.

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Tribal wall hangings make up an ethnic themed gallery wall behind the wood based sofa.

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Over in the dining area we find wicker chairs teamed with black wooden ones.

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The kitchen is of a more traditional style but a small floor rug ties it in with the monochrome tribal scheme.

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The trio of black pendant lights over the breakfast bar are of a modern style but echo the basket weave found elsewhere in the home.

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Wooden shelves and wood countertop warm the look of the white kitchen.

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In the master bedroom, pattern meets pattern -meets pattern! The menagerie of monochrome designs are broken gently by the introduction of natural tones, found in the rustic headboard and woven storage baskets.

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The grey contemporary cushioned chair has a handmade wooden frame.

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  • Visualizer: LIB Team
Our third home tour is a relaxing interior that pushes the tropical side of tribal, creating a high-end resort look.

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Living fronds and palm tree prints set a tropical botanical tone.

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Deep toned chunky wooden furniture gives weight to the light scheme.

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Large ceramic vessels adorn the display shelves of the dining area.

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A similar pendant to this striking rattan shade is available on Amazon.

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Rattan chairs surround a family-sized dining table.

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A decorative nook holds the hallway storage.

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African inspired vessels are displayed above a central kitchen island.

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An African dream awaits in the master bedroom. A suspended frame above the bed supports a floating white canopy. Below the rattan bedroom bedroom pendant lights, bedside tables are made from rough cut tree logs. The main bed linen is kept white to allow the tribal patterned cushions to shine.

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Owl home decor adds a touch of the wild to one of of the bedside units.

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A round jute rug fills the floor space at the foot of the wooden bed. Echoing the design, a circular mirror hangs on the wall above the wooden dressing table.

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A wicker chair, layered with tribal cushions and throw, sits at the chunky console table.

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Woven doors make a feature of the closet.

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The bathroom is a sumptuous mix of earthy materials meeting with contemporary.

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Bronze fixtures and fittings accessorise the neutral bathroom scheme.

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