30 Cool Headphone Stands Earphone Holders To Make a Feature of Your Beats

30 Cool Headphone Stands  Earphone Holders To Make a Feature of Your Beats

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You’ve got the latest headphones. You’ve got the latest sounds. There’s one thing you’re missing: a unique stand to showcase them on. These headphone and earphone hangers, hooks and mannequins make more of your latest headgear than your bedside table or desk. Glass heads provide a crafted canvas for your headphones’ premium metallics. Wooden curved holders bear their owner’s names in block typographics. Specially-designed black skulls house both your VR and AR sets, sitting pretty for their next playtime. Make the most of your beats – and keep those earphone cords untangled – with our top 30 selection of stands and holders.

Watch the video: Customer Review Experience SAMDI Walnut Wooden Headphone Hanger Desk Stand Headset Holder (July 2022).


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