3 Modern Apartment Interiors That Masterfully Demonstrate How To Use Red As An Artistic Accent

3 Modern Apartment Interiors That Masterfully Demonstrate How To Use Red As An Artistic Accent

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Using red in a home design can be tricky. Without a good idea, a design can quickly fall from romance into sensory overload. To avoid a home that looks more like a fast food restaurant than a luxurious lair, its important that the color is used with precision and subtlety. The three homes featured here each use bright red in a way that is neither timid nor overpowering. From plush red unholstering to unique red wall designs and even a bold red ceiling stencil, these designs are anything but gaudy. Take a look at these three apartment interiors and learn how to bring a bit of red hot fun into your own home.

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  • Visualizer: Zikzak
The first apartment featured here is from the visualizers at Zikzak studio and measures just 52 square meters (559 square feet).

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The red accents in the main living area are certainly not subtle, but non-red accessories like unique floor lamps temper the brightness of the red.

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The bold wall art detail is eye-catching and helps to unify the space, which actually has quite a few different tones, including red, gray, white, and natural wood.

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The red dining chairs are also notable in their design as well as their color, looking comfortable enough to settle into for a long and luxurious dinner party.

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The dining room pendants nearly blend into the gray cabinetry, lending a glow to the dining area without calling attention to themselves.

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A cozy bedroom veers away from too much red, instead utilizing cool grays and whites as well as a calming nature-inspired piece of art.

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A red chair that matches the dining chairs makes a comfortable place to work, and can be easily moved into the dining room for larger parties.

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In bathrooms, unique faucets like this one serve both a practical and stylistic purpose.

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  • Visualizer: Prodiz
This next apartment, from visualizers at Prodiz, includes a few shades of rich red for its accent colors of choice.

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Starting in the living room, tufted red sofa sections are the most immediately call to color.

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A unique texture accent wall serves as a perfect place for a wall-mounted television, adding interest without cluttering the space with wall art that can get distracting.

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By choosing a wood coffee table,the designer has made a focal point for the large living room. Unique coffee tables can be conversation pieces rather than merely places to set your coffee.

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A red splattered rug and red ceiling stencil unify the red design without getting too loud.

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Even the recesses of the shelving have a few pops of red.

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For their part, the bar stools in the kitchen are just dipped in red.

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The red lacquer against the wood seating certainly has an Asian-inspired feel to it.

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Moving into the bedroom the Asian influence on this apartment becomes even more apparent with the artwork behind the platform bed.

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While the red accents in the bedroom are somewhat subtle, they still bring that forceful color palette into the room for a sophisticated look.

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The soft gray upholstery on the bed itself also tempers the red so that the bed is inviting rather than off putting.

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  • Visualizer: A L Interior Design
The final apartment in this post is a two-story apartment home with Ukrainian themes.

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The living area is not exceptionally spacious, which means that the bright red color needs to be used sparingly. One bright red sofa is enough to make a point.

  • 24 |
The beautiful painting calls to mind traditional Ukrainian dress while the flower vase makes it easy to bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

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Red and black is fairly common color pairing, because it looks chic and just a little bit dangerous.

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A wall-mounted entertainment center is a stylish alternative to a hulking shelving unit or the impracticality of a wall mounted television on its own with no place for cables or other media.

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On the way to the second floor, visitors are confronted with a unique living wall of plants.

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From the top of the stairs, we can see how well the green plays with the light wood and white walls in the upstairs hallway.

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A class hand railing ensures that the smaller upstairs space does not feel closed in or claustrophobic.

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In the bedroom, the red accent color comes back and adds a hint of romance.

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A cozy reading nook and vanity use plush red for seating, which feels luxurious.

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Dangling pendant lights over the stairway have a decidedly modern look.

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The use of an “accent stair” is lovely and unique.

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And finally the plush red ottoman provides a perfect place to kick off those heels at the end of the day.

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