Two Muted-Tone, Exposed-Brick Pads for Young Families

Two Muted-Tone, Exposed-Brick Pads for Young Families

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Young families and contemporary interiors are not always the best of friends. Kids mean playtime – cooking, drawing, running around – and invariably, a mess that just won’t fit with your new white couch. Avoid crayoned white walls and large stains on your shagpile by using easy-to-clean, industrial materials - like these two family homes in the Ukraine and Belarus. Dreamy mushrooms and muted beiges meet black and white, exposed brick and subtle pastels in spaces that look luxurious – and remain that way. A blue couch here, and teal bathroom tiling there, allow interesting colour combinations that are near impossible to ruin. Flick through for two family-friendly designs to inspire your interior.

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  • Visualizer: K BAND
Measuring a mere 72sqm, this home in Kiev, Ukraine needed a smarter design to house a young family. Centred around the idea of freedom – of thinking, movement and personal style – the space’s open plan structure, light tones and wooden frames keep in the warmth while avoiding clutter. The lounge starts off the space with a breezy window letting in light, alongside grey walls and simple artwork. Mid-wood flooring makes the space larger, providing a clean background for a rug to segment. Exposed grey brick winds around to the dining room, complemented by fine white features and a sprig of yellow florals.

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The simple lines of the living room are viewed towards the TV, as its grey brick blends into charcoal cabinetry. Long, white lines allow a cacti ornament to dominate. Standing further back, the silver of above-TV cabinetry reflects silver lighting in the dining room.

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Making a space of its own, the dining room shows off in simple wooden furniture accented by steel accessories. A silver chandelier plays notes, marking a spot for eating; steel table legs mirror a white stencil frame behind; long drawer handles in the kitchen mirror them both. Two kitchen panels provide more room by blending in wooden shades. The look is light and airy, making the most of an otherwise-tight space.

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Through a cranny beside the main kitchen bench, grey brick winds around to another delight: the bedroom. Ivy clings to the other side of the wall, adding serenity. As in the living room, a wooden panel frames the taupe, grey and beige bedding, later emboldened in different textures. A grey wall and mat allow a little extra room for a teal bedframe and leaning blue abstract. The other side of the partition reveals a simple office space, an illusion of space in the same wooden shade. A set of drawers, vanity area and leaning wooden frames play the same trick.

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The bedroom here does not follow through with exposed brick. If you are specifically looking for exposed brick inspiration for bedrooms, check out: 40 Bedrooms With Exposed Brick Walls.

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Towards the left, a light grey door beckons into a nursery and playroom. Mustard curtains and teal tones add a softness to walls designed for children to scribble on. Housed in the same light wooden shades, the walls, cabinetry, bed frame, bookcase and floors carry the fresh feeling throughout the space. A large bonzai and telescope add personality.

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On the other side of the room, playful aspects make themselves known. A teal feature wall dominates the space, holding a white glass case out of reach from the kids. To the right, a jungle gym is framed in stylish simplicity, an innovative answer to a kid’s toy. The mottled central rug ties the themes together, leading to a seated area and wooden wall decorated with coloured ornaments.

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The bathroom carries on the teal theme in a large-tiled feature. Carrying a wooden sink cabinet and storage within its frame, a central sink plank and wooden shelf link it to the rest of the interior. White tiles and a laddered heated-towel rail extend the space, as grey-patterned tiles both link the designs and hide a bath. A feature light stretches out to the sink, while more muted LED lights allow no darkness in the smaller, tighter spaces.

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A swing arm wall lamp is unusual for a bathroom vanity but here the designer manages to pull it off beautifully.

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  • Visualizer: VAE Design Group
Our second family home in Minsk, Belarus, is a more comfortable 190sqm. Featuring more dramatic instances of black, white and taupe, its feel is more contemporary chic – but with clever, easy-to-clean surfaces that stand the test of playtime. The main living space exudes spaciousness with a wide-paned window and open-plan living area. Also featuring grey exposed brick and a black matte feature wall, the lounge furniture forms a set of low-lying cubes. Two strips of black lighting add subtle flavour, while a hovering lamp takes the stage. A patchwork mat blends it all together on a simple stone-coloured floor.

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A shiny marble inlet catches the eye towards the kitchen. Black cabinetry frames the central panel, as a trio of white lights dangle eloquently beneath.

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Further extending the space, the floor leads towards a monochromatic dining room, alternating in black-and-white chairs and two hanging lamps. Featuring the same white-chiffon-clad open panes as the lounge, a zen-style bookcase hugs the wall. A look around the room shows the abundance of space in each area, creating a vibe minimalistic, sophisticated and clean.

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A move into the office shows the kitchen’s sleek, shiny surfaces adapted for work. Black curtains and carpet beside a light grey bookcase create the illusion of room. A simple monochrome table and black chairs sit underneath an LED-stick chandelier, an artistic addition to a popular workspace. Chrome details provide the finishing touch.

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The kids’ room shows a similar style of desk, bathed in white. Set upon a low-maintenance wooden floor, the same black curtains background a simple brown-and-beige bed. White walls and an inbuilt bookcase create a light feel, while a blue circular rug and beanbag mark a space for playtime. The playful yet adult themes of the room carry the youngster from early years to adulthood.

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The master bedroom finishes off the space in an array of white and beige elements. Taking the LED-stick lights from the office and turning them white, black-and-beige bedding is complemented by a zigzag painting on a feature panel wall. Two lines of taupe curtains close off the area for dreamtime, opening them for a quick workout or steamy shower.

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