3 Luxury Homes Taking Different Approaches To Wall Art

3 Luxury Homes Taking Different Approaches To Wall Art

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An art collection is expressive and personal all at once. Art reflects the background of the owner, gives a voice to their dreams and desires, and it serves as a strong anchor around which all other design elements can rally. Theres no right or wrong way to display interior artwork and each of the luxurious homes featured in this post take a different approach. The first interior uses a few solid statement pieces to express a personal style, while the second home uses sculptural pieces to emphasize its subtle geometric theme. The last home keeps things simple in public spaces but employs fabulous full-wall artwork in the bedrooms.

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  • Visualizer: Sequoia Design Studio
This gorgeous country home in Moscow makes a dramatic impact with dark organic colors, a palette of rich earth tones tempered with mild gray. Its aesthetic feels classic, which makes the modernist artwork (as viewed in the next visualization) even more delightful to see.

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Decorative accents include plenty of plants and small trees near windows, and a bold collection of canvases against the opposite wall.

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Cement panels make a fine neutral backdrop for the art, although collectors who like to rearrange often might opt for something less permanent.

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Exotic wood paneling gives the kitchen a very intimate vibe, extremely luxurious paired with the gorgeous marble countertop.

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This is a great angle to compare the variety of woods used on the ceiling, floor, cabinets, and walls.

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A formal dining space sits between the living room and the kitchen. The chairs are classic, the view spectacular.

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All of the wooden pendant lights are from Finnish design firm Secto. The lamps on the left are the Octo model and the ones on the right share their name with the design company.

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  • Designer: Studio DEnew
This next home takes it easy on the wall art. It’s understated and simple, perfect for a minimalistic space like this one. Simple inspiration is useful too! The tour begins with a view of the only piece of artwork on the living room walls, a lovely sculpture with eye-catching backlighting.

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Of course, it would be a shame not to classify this amazing freestanding fireplace as a sculptural piece of artwork on its own.

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Together, the fireplace and wall sculpture set the foundation for a subtle geometric theme that is likewise reflected by the pillow prints and the shape of the furniture.

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The cool thing about sculptural art – whether functional like this fireplace or decorative like the wall hanging pictured earlier – is that it looks great for any angle rather than just head on.

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The dining room doesn’t use wall art, but does include a few inspiring details. The symmetry is noticeable immediately. But wait until you see the next view…

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Do you notice the differences? The wooden table nests beneath the island and transforms into a formal dining area. The cabinetry in the background lifts to reveal the kitchen countertop and corresponding appliances.

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This accent wall should definitely count as wall art! Its textual quality and mind-bending geometry grows more interesting with every glance.

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Light from the window gives the decorative wall a dynamic quality, always changing with the angle of the sun.

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  • Designer: Oleksii Karman
This bright and colorful home was designed for a young family near the Black Sea. The living room starts with a relatively uncomplicated canvas, a black wall lending a certain amount of intimacy and comfort – doubling as a dramatic backdrop for the yellow chairs and rainbow bookshelf.

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While the main living volume could rightfully be described as artfully designed, it holds back when it comes to wall art compared to private bedrooms later in the tour. A simple photo of a beach scene leans against the wall to the left.

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Geometric themes infuse the dining room with a creative and playful aesthetic.

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Both the chairs and the breakfast stools have faceted surfaces – a clean look that goes well in any super modern interior.

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What a cool theme!

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Another striking canvas leans against the wall, almost overshadowed by the amazing sculptural staircase.

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Here, the private portion of the tour begins, and the artistic features come out in full force. This office abounds with delightful objects, modern interpretations of classical forms making up the primary theme.

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A tiny portion of a tender motif graces the far accent wall. The newsprint effect is a useful technique for enlarging even the most low-resolution designs.

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This bedroom doesn’t feature great quantities of wall art but it does embrace sculptural lighting features. Octo pendants hang over the bedside tables and Oda floor lamps illuminate the chair.

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Although not quite as dramatic as the office artwork, this simple painting still brings plenty of character to the space.

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The gradient effect paint on the walls is subtle but beautiful. It brings out the natural wood tones that would normally blend in because of their lightness.

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Functional areas like this walk-in closet are always nice to see in home tours like this. This one is spacious and includes rolling racks for easy reconfiguration.

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Look at that amazing mural! The artwork itself mixes classical ornament with urban style and sleek modern coloration. The rest of the room is wonderful but it’s hard to peel the eyes away from a focal point like that one.

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Abundant storage is always a nice benefit, but these shelves are packing some extra impressive features – the wheeled sections actually slide to reveal more storage behind them.

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A large version of the Husk chair and ottoman continue the geometric theme from the rest of the home.

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This bedroom has an enchanting theme, its walls transformed into a wonderland of verdant ferns and flowers. A simple patterned rug brings out the blues and greens of the artwork.

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Curvaceous and fun to admire, the pendant lamp is the delightful Le Trulle by Edmondo Testaguzza.

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The bathroom features elegant textures and soothing colors, lending it a warm and natural appeal.

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Leaning shelves like these are a great solution for renters – yet are stylish enough for luxury homes as this beautiful space demonstrates.

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Here’s a great view of the intricately imprinted tile, and the wooden shower floor in the background.

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