4 Ultra-Luxurious Interiors Decorated in Black and White

4 Ultra-Luxurious Interiors Decorated in Black and White

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Looking through pictures of ultra-luxurious homes is always a fun pastime - and a great way to see todays design trends before they hit the mainstream. Enviable homes that seem to have it all are fantastic sources of interior inspiration, even if the sculptural architecture and fabulous designer furniture isnt really an option for most of us. Scoping out enviable abodes is a little like enjoying a modernist fairytale, a fun way to expand the imagination and get new ideas that can work just about anywhere. The four luxe homes below are rich with creative design concepts to indulge your love of luxury.

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  • Visualizer: Daniel Vojinovic
Speaking of inspiring spaces, this coastal home visualized by architect and designer Daniel Vojinovic is a great place to begin our adventure of contemporary luxury. Open concept living embraces the seaside environment with a 180-degree view through floor-to-ceiling windows.

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From overhead, it’s easier to see the gorgeous balance of the gray, black, and brown color theme.

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The seating area is recessed into the floor and only accessible by a series of steps on either side. A spacious sectional sofa allows people sitting on either side to get a gorgeous view out the windows, with the middle section offering the best angle for watching television. Recessed lighting frames the arrangement and keeps it bright.

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Two classic chairs provide the best seat in the house: a gorgeous panoramic view, a warm central fireplace, and an endless supply of fresh air and good vibes.

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But really, this home is all about the details, like these sculptural oversized candles by Jean-Marie Massaud, or the immersive sound projected by the wall-mounted BeoLab3 speakers.

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Strong lines define the kitchen. Matte black details enhance the linear effect, only broken by the curve of the faucet and lamps. These variations give the space a more natural and lively aesthetic.

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  • Architect: Boom Architects
  • Visualizer: Bartłomiej Senkowski
A pleasantly minimalistic take on luxury design, this home from Boom Architects uses simple forms and casual colors yet weaves them into a narrative that immediately catches a viewer’s attention. The classic combination of black, white, and light glossy wood yields itself to a surprising pop of surprising color courtesy of the iconic Magis Puppy.

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Forgoing extra ornamentation, every object in the house contributes – each piece is pleasing on its own and serves a purpose. Here, the attractive Imola Chair by Henrik Pederson offers up an exquisite view of the landscape. It looks like the perfect place to calm the mind and let the stress melt away.

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An expanse of white encompasses the sitting area, yet the arrangement feels grounded by the common dark theme of the furniture and smartly coordinated flokati rugs beneath.

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Thin breakfast stools advance the minimalistic aesthetic by placing void over form in a kitchen filled with substantial surfaces in white. This clever reversal seems to derive visual weight from contrast rather than form.

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No ornamentation, no color, only a spectacular view of the water outside – the wood frame door appears to float within a void as if there is no exterior wall at all. Even the bed seems light as a cloud, with a slightly recessed base and cantilever side table.

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Almost as an opposite to the natural weightlessness of the light white bedroom, this dark and comfortable retreat gains its unique aesthetic from a mechanical and industrial take on cantilever design – especially the Paolo Rizzatto lamp.

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  • Architect: Artroom Studio
  • Designer: Artroom Studio
  • Visualizer: Artroom Studio
Wow! The North LaSalle Loft by Bucharest-based design firm Artroom Studio takes an Art Deco approach to modern luxury and the result is unmatched. At first glance, the illuminated sculptural ceiling catches and captivates the eye – its wavy design seems to roll like an incoming tide.

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Like the last home, this gorgeous apartment features a recessed seating area that benefits from a white and black canvas. While the rich leather and warm golden lighting invoke a classical aesthetic, a few modern touches demonstrate a powerful contemporary personality, like the geometric papercraft Lion mount by Vova Baranyuk.

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Opulent homes can be practical, too. This table is a favorite because of its clever yet attractive storage compartment, designed carefully to ensure that function does not overtake the pleasure of good form.

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  • Architect: Andreas Tjeldflaat
This apartment in TriBeCA NYC is part of an in-progress development by Norwegian architect Andreas Tjeldflaat. An undulating spiral staircase traverses bright atrium-style living room for access to the mezzanine floor above, all illuminated by an expanse of windows on the street-facing side. A portrait by Viktor Miller-Gausa takes up the entire far wall – an unmissable focal point that coordinates well with the natural and monochromatic color theme of the home.

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Exposed joists make the kitchen look more inviting and relaxed, like a comfortable refuge from the openness of the living room atrium. Classical pillars and the subtle use of light wood give this ultra-modern kitchen a taste of traditional luxury.

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The bedroom enjoys a full view over the living space below, sunlight from the atrium illuminating the full-wall mirror behind the bed. Peeking around the corner, a curvaceous hallway leads to the bathroom, its path illuminated by Bouroullec AIM lamps.

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Framed by lovely planters and a gorgeous view, this bathroom is nothing short of spectacular.

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Exciting floorplans depict the increasing radius of the staircase, its fine curve continuing in the form of a hill on the roof landscaping. Here, it’s also possible to appreciate the great height from which the pendant lamps hang.

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