Gorgeous Use of Wood Takes this Mansion to the Next Level

Gorgeous Use of Wood Takes this Mansion to the Next Level

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This beautiful hilltop home from Bligh Graham Architects is a sight to behold both inside and out. Its varied volumes connect seamlessly, emphasizing outdoor spaces, natural light, and of course, wood finishing. The wood throughout the home is not perfectly matched to every other room. Instead, the different shades complement each other with each different piece emanating its own warmth and style.

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When you have a house that’s perched on a hill, it’s important to maximize the views from all angles. The easiest place to do this, of course, is outside. A large pool deck and glassed in staircase make this outdoor entertaining space aesthetically pleasing from the outside as well as a spectacular place to enjoy from the inside.

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The main living area is quite cozy and warm for such a modern home. While clean lines wind their way through the design, built in bench seating is welcoming and playful and also provides ever-necessary storage space under the seats. Hinged windows open up for fresh air circulation while transom windows along the outer edges of the room let in even more afternoon sun.

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This home is particularly suited to those pursuing the creative life, with inspiration all around. The art studio is perfect situated in an upper level with windows that peek into the surrounding trees and a large open space that looks outside. It’s en plein air without being completely exposed to the elements.

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The kitchen and dining area is the final space where things – and people – come together. A large open kitchen with a modern styled island and breakfast bar, plus a huge outdoor dining area with grill and fireplace, make this an ideal home for hosting a dinner party or an unveiling of your most recent masterpiece.

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