A Contemporary Apartment with Lots of Open Space

A Contemporary Apartment with Lots of Open Space

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Open space is key to so many contemporary designs. The flow from one room to another - of people, of color, and of light - is what makes these designs work. It creates a welcoming home from an otherwise barren space. This apartment from designer Marta Gord manages to make exceptional use of space, keeping the design mostly simple with palatable colors and rich yet neutral natural materials.

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The living, kitchen, and dining space all have easy communication with one another. In order to make this possible, the design has to both separate and connect the disparate spaces. Patterns and unique design elements manage to do this well. In the kitchen, a half wall made out of wood slats creates more division but still allows light and air to flow through. Similarly, a swirled rug design in the living room contrasts a checked pattern in the entryway, which makes it easier to divide spaces.

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The lighting in the main living area is not exactly inspired. Simple track lighting lines the perimeter of the space, offering plenty of illumination for every angle without getting too fussy or pretentious .

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In the small but stylish kids room, division also comes into play. The room is clearly divided into a sleeping/lounging area with storage options, a study area, and a wall that holds the bookshelves and television. Though the room is not large, the carefully chosen furniture works in harmony to create a welcoming and cheerful space.

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Similarly, the master bedroom is not massive. But simple, relaxing colors like deep purple, gray, and white paired with natural wood makes it easy to settle in for the night, even if there is not a ton of square footage.

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The small but sleek kitchen is the perfect size for the home and the use of solid colors and natural wood makes is ultra comfortable for cooking.

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