Eco-Friendly House in Mexico Does Not Sacrifice Style

Eco-Friendly House in Mexico Does Not Sacrifice Style

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When you are able to live in beautiful surroundings, you want to be sure that your lifestyle is not diminishing those surroundings for generations to come. In the tropical, gorgeous area of Tulum, Mexico, the New York-based architects from Specht Harpman were able to create a home that celebrates its environment and works with - rather than against - the climate. The house, known as Casa Xixim, is truly a testament to the future of eco-friendly design (or ecoluxe as the case may be). It uses natural air flow and architectural ingenuity to keep the home comfortable all year but does not sacrifice any of the modern, luxurious design elements.

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The ground level of the house consists of a back pool deck with room for entertaining. The crystal clear pool has a view that is just as clear of the protected bay area behind the house, and the modern ground floor interiors. The living room, kitchen, and dining area are unsurprisingly a part of a lush open floorplan. Because the walls can, in effect, open up to the world, cooling breezes can constantly be filtering through the house, keeping the environment comfortable. This air flow, in addition to other features we will discuss, keeps the home net-neutral for energy and waste.

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The second floor is home to most of the house’s four bedrooms, which also open up to the outside (with privacy shutters easily snapping closed when necessary). Gauzy canopies hang over the beds while neutral oatmeal tones speak to the crunchy granola roots of this house.

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The rooftop terrace is more than just another entertaining space. A photovoltaic canopy collect solar power to use in the rest of the house. Native plants provide natural insulation and another area of the terrace collects rainwater.

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The beauty of this house is that it looks and feel luxurious, but its decadence is in its comfortable design and stunning location. There is no overindulgence that is so common in luxury homes, making this eco-friendly house something that architects should look towards for the future of home and of our planet.

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