Wood Slats Add Texture and Warmth to These Homes

Wood Slats Add Texture and Warmth to These Homes

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Its not exactly rare to use wood in a home. From hardwood floors to custom shelving, there are so many ways to bring the warmth and natural feeling of wood inside. But the homes featured in this post manage to go above and beyond, highlighting the beauty of natural wood by turning into unique accents through the use of wood slats. While each home uses the slat design in slightly different ways, each time it brings a special, interesting look to the room.

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  • Designer: Eugene Anfilova
The first space comes from designer Eugene Anfilova. Here, the slats are not limited to a single room and instead act as a thread of the design throughout the home. The texture of the slats on the walls from the living room into the bedrooms ties each space together and has an almost calming effect. Further, the neutral wood color allows for a lot of other design options in terms of color and texture.

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  • Designer: Eugene Anfilova
The second home comes from the same designer, though the use of the slats is somewhat more subtle in this space. The slats play with the other uses of bare, natural wood throughout the home from the kitchen table and chairs to the cabinetry.

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  • Visualizer: Paul Winds
The next home comes from visualizer Paul Winds. Here, instead of using slats in a uniform color, the designer has created a striped effect through the use of both bare and painted wood.

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Finally we come to some more general uses for the slats, rather than elegant but ultimately non-functional design elements. First we can see how they can create a beautiful and completely functional screen for hiding those necessary but not necessarily beautiful appliances like a television and entertainment center.

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Slats are also a wonderful addition to outdoor spaces. The wood, of course, is a natural fit while the slat design allows air to circulate while still blocking a lot of sun, keeping spaces cool and comfortable even in the summer.

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