A Single-Family Home Interior in Cool Shades of Gray

A Single-Family Home Interior in Cool Shades of Gray

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The Polish city of Grudziądz sits on the Vistula River in the northern part of the country. It in this mid-sized city that you will find this beautiful and almost haunting home, designed by the team at Tamizo Architects, who we have featured before on this site. In the photos that follow it is interesting to see how the dark interior choices contrast with the expansive, snowy landscape that surrounds the house. Whether in the depths of summer or the brightness of spring, that natural light streaming in from outside has had a major impact on the interior design of the home. Each room is a study in interesting, subtle contrasts.

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The main living area is mostly open, with only a floating fireplace to separate the family sofa from the dining room. White walls and dark furnishings give the space an almost sterile feel, as if it is ready for anyone to move in and take over with their own colors and life.

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Even the floors are a pale wood or marbled gray, again taking inspiration from the cold climate, ice clinging to tree branches and eaves.

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The kitchen and dining room, the heart of the home, feel warmer and more open due to the wood paneling used throughout. There is not as much space in the kitchen as you might find in some larger, gourmet designs but plenty one room on the island and breakfast bar for preparing a meal for a small family. Mismatched light fixtures over the dining table add a bit of playfulness to the design as well.

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In the bedrooms, the tone shifts from the darker gray of the living room to a lighter gray that calls to mind silver and cashmere. In short, it’s a luxurious and calming palette, perfect for drifting off to sleep on a drizzly cloudy evening.

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The bathroom carries the same warm marbled color into the floor and walls, with white porcelain fixtures keeping the design minimal rather than fussy.

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