Stone and Wood Make a Dark, Masculine Interior

Stone and Wood Make a Dark, Masculine Interior

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There are a lot of ways to be masculine and there is no one style or color palette that indicates something is masculine. However, this house from the designers at Thee ID is definitely a comfortable place where a man could get comfortable. Not florals or frills or splashes of pink to be found anywhere. Instead, luxe materials from floor to ceiling create a comfortable space where the occupants can bring the colors for themselves.The design also focuses on bringing light and expansion into the home, with horizontal accessories and huge windows covered only by translucent fabrics, that allow light in and create the illusion of more space in this otherwise minimalist apartment.

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The main living area encompasses a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The living room, which is the central meeting and relaxing area in the home, is dominated by soft leather furniture, including a large sofa and cozy arm chair with sleek, clean lines. Opposite the sofa is a gray stone accent wall that uses the grain of the material to create a chevron stripe.

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Fun details throughout the apartment are also notable, from the matching spotlight floor lamps in the living room and bedroom to the splayed out cowhide area rug in front of the sofa. Theses accents are few and far between but so carefully chosen and stylish that they really make the home.

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The dining room, tucked right behind the sofa, is the perfect size for a small dinner party. Upholstered dining chairs and a dark wood table, highlighted by the creative overhead lighting, are simple and stylish. Of course, a formal dining table is not the only option, with a subtly reflective breakfast bar providing another, casual option.

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The bedroom keeps its own masculine tone, too. The tufted leather bed frame and awesome personal spotlight makes it easy to see how this space is a perfect night time retreat for even the most trend-averse.

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