Modern Home Exteriors with Stunning Outdoor Spaces

Modern Home Exteriors with Stunning Outdoor Spaces

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Although most homeowners will spend more time inside of their home than outside admiring the exterior, there is still something to be said for curb appeal. That is, a beautiful home often starts with a stunning skeleton, a structure built from the ground up to house a family of real people. The exteriors featured in this post each come from the architects at Fedorova, who certainly have shown themselves able to create both gorgeous exteriors and sleek, modern interiors. Today we will focus on what makes these homes beautiful from the outside.

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The first home is a country villa near the Russian port city of Taganrog. The low profile house is building into the side of a gently sloping hill, using stone and glass as its main materials. The upper deck of the house look more precarious than it is, actually bound in by a sturdy glass railing. The small outdoor pool is the perfect size for an evening swim, if not an Olympic event.

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The next home, a country house in Zhukovka, features many of the same clean lines and sleek, modern feelings of the first. The upper level of the two story house has a long, spacious patio while the front entrance sits far back from the road among lush green grass and tall trees. A back patio with outdoor entertaining area and fireplace is also prominent.

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This next house uses a lot of natural wood on the exterior of the home, from the walls to the decking. This makes it blend nicely in with its natural green surroundings. Above the indoor pool, a rooftop deck provides the perfect setting for stargazing.

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The fourth house on this Fedorova tour is a lovely, light colored exterior with a double decker deck. Both upstairs and downstairs are spaces for intimate and luxurious entertaining, plenty of seating and warm lights, making it the ideal place to enjoy a summer evening.

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This country residence in the Mari El Republic has a larger, boxier feel that some of the other exteriors featured. The back steps go up a gentle slope into the main area of the house while a second level deck is covered in sod and visible from the upper levels of the home. An indoor pool completes the luxury vacation feel.

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With edges of boxes poking out at all angles, this expansive home gives the impression of an oversized space while still maintaining minimalism.

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The two levels of this home are stacked nearly directly on top of one another, making it appear quite large from any angle. Windows that stretch from the bottom floor to the top floor let sunlight stream in throughout the day. A second level balcony overhangs the large back deck, casting cool shade over a dining table and modern outdoor chairs.

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