Mallorca Holiday Home Colored by Sea View

Mallorca Holiday Home Colored by Sea View

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A gleaming south facing villa, situated between the port of Puerto Adriano and the Nautical Club Santa Ponsa, sits on a perfectly placed plot of 1,250 square meters that looks out over an amazing blue panorama. The contemporary build has a living area of 380 square meters, and a sun kissed garden that is scattered with a number of open and closed terraces.

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Long glazed walls let in a flood of bright natural sunlight, which spills over the hardwood and marble that covers the generous floor area of this beautiful home, giving each area a gleaming luxurious finish.

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The pure white living area feels as though it has no walls as the sparkling Mallorcan view continues uninterrupted, like a living wall mural.

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The open plan home stretches over three pristine floors, offering up five bedrooms, plus one additional staff bedroom in the lower quarters.

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Over in the dining area, aqua blue modern dining chairs draw upon the stunning color scheme provided by nature beyond the windows.

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An open air lounge and dining area provides extra entertaining opportunities in the glorious weather.

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A highly contemporary chrome extractor design is the star of the show in this slick ice-white kitchen with sharp black trims. The central cooking island also doubles a casual eating area for four diners.

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The bedrooms of this holiday home are sleek and stylish, colored only by the aqua view.

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The bathrooms are equipped with double vanity units and finished in fresh and clean décor.

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Down on the basement level, a Spa and Wellness area comes complete with a sauna, Turkish bath, and Jacuzzi.

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An infinity pool offers a private place to cool off away from the social beaches of the Balearic Island.

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This villa is now for sale. If you are interested you can contact Heidi Warth at Mallorca Gold for more details.

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