Ultra Modern Italian Bathroom Design

Ultra Modern Italian Bathroom Design

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Bathtubs, basins and bathroom vanity units come in all manner of shapes, sizes and finishes so its not often that a design truly takes us by surprise. However, this array of modern bathroom furniture, by italian bathroom design company Toscoquattro, really does push the envelope.

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This block walnut vanity unit with integrated basin keeps a contemporary scheme looking streamlined. The wall mounted faucet takes the form of a neat glass shelf, complete with a place for a small floral display.

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A similar white design appears as a simple console shelf when viewed head-on.

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This cube vanity-basin combination provides a unique opportunity for central room placement, creating a bathroom island that is facilitated by a chrome stand tap.

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The cube formation can be set against a wall, with a top mounted tap, when space is limited.

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The unusual slope of this basins base is a new approach to drainage.

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A half-spherical bathroom basin appears to perch precariously on the very edge of this minimalist vanity block; fed by a freestanding faucet it seems almost independent of its mount.

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The front of the minimalistic vanity opens up to reveal handy drawer space for bathroom paraphernalia.

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Simplistic vanity and basin combos work well as twin units, to keep the look uncluttered.

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This freeform bathtub really breaks the mould-and in fact looks like it has been formed using no mould at all.

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An independent slide-away drawer unit is an interesting solution.

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A storage section accessed via the top of this bathroom vanity unit is an unexpected find, and it’s easy to see how top accessed storage cubbies could keep countertops clutter free.

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Simple isn’t always boring, as with these elegantly formed basins.

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In this vanity unit the basin color blends with surrounding material; the overall look is as a solid piece of furniture rather than a bathroom specific fixture.

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Grate bottomed basins look almost futuristic…

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…and some grates don’t bother with a basin at all, and instead provide drainage at the vanity shelf surface itself.

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Looking to spice up your own bathroom? If you have a small sized room, accessories are a great way by which you can add extra-interest. Do check out these unique faucets, soap dispensers, sinks and toilet paper holders that could add some flair to your bathroom.

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