An In-depth Look at 8 Luxury Bathrooms

An In-depth Look at 8 Luxury Bathrooms

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These could be eight of the most luxurious bathrooms we have ever had the pleasure of virtually visiting; steeped in beauty and the most expensive of flourishes, these are eight amazing spaces.

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  • Designer: Balamatsiuk Oksana
This first bathroom, by Balamatsiuk Oksana, kicks off this collection of bathroom beauties with a pale scheme fit for a snow queen. Light fittings are dreamed out of stark winter branches, icy floor tiles skate across the floor and twinkling mosaic tiles form a wall of frost behind a wall mounted vanity unit.

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A long letterbox fireplace provides a slither of glorious heat to the room, situated above the bathtub, for long soaks under the bubbles. The bath tub has been partially obscured by frosted glass panels, giving the whole look a secretive element, like a wintertime hideaway.

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Above the bath, a faux night sky offers a soothing blanket of twinkling stars whilst you bathe. Nearby, two ghost chairs have been adorned with soft fur covers.

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Wood paneling around the bath gives the bathing area a cozy cabin feel.

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  • Designer: Patrushev Eugene and Irina
This bathing space, by Patrushev Eugene and Irina, is another nature inspired room. The dark branches of a treetop silhouette bough over the entire scheme, and tiny model birds perch on handles and hooks.

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Beyond the stunning round window, an inspirational forest setting can be seen.

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Wood paneling brings the tree bark tones indoors.

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  • Designer: Martyusheva Veronica
In a change of pace, this bathroom by Martyusheva Veronica follows a games theme, including a domino wall mural and dice stools.

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A sunken bathtub with an integrated edge is barely visible in the floor.

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  • Designer: Maria Ivanova
Maria Ivanova designed this smart and sophisticated bathroom scheme, with swathes of granite over the floor, tub and across large feature walls.

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  • Designer: Design Bureau ARCHWOOD Marina Izmailov
This bathroom design, by Design Bureau ARCHWOOD Marina Izmailov, is deliciously tropical in a laid back fashion, where zoning has been created by clever cutaways in differing materials.

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  • Designer: LINE8
A masculine bathroom idea, by LINE8, has an industrial feel with a hint of rock and roll.

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  • Designer: Faynblat Victoria
A lavish gilt affair, by Faynblat Victoria, has a very royal flavor where not one element of the room escapes a little glimmer of gold.

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The shower cubicle looks as though it should be locked in a safe, along with other gold bars and family jewels, for safe keeping.

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A dark and dramatic number comes to us from Peter Sergeev / Sergeev Petr

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