Rupert Murdochs new home in New York: A $57M 4-Floor Penthouse

Rupert Murdochs new home in New York: A $57M 4-Floor Penthouse

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Never before has a downtown apartment in New York sold for as much as $57.25 million, but this was the price tag on media mogul Rupert Murdochs pricey new four-floor penthouse pad, at One Madison Park, E. 23rd St. After losing his last place on the Upper East Side, during his divorce, Mr Murdoch has certainly bought a whopper of a bachelor pad to replace it.

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Newly single Rupert has laid claim over the entire top four floors of the towering 60-story glass structure in the middle of a sprawling city scene. The quadruple floor home is an amalgamation of two separate property listings that were originally on the property market as a $50 million triplex penthouse, and a $16.5 million singular floor down on 57th. In pairing the two dwellings he managed to scoop a $9 million saving, though that seems to be like pocket change to Murdoch!

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Owner of the New York Post tabloid, founder and CEO of News Corp. Rupert Murdoch is not a novice at setting big records in home sales, in fact it is nothing short of the THIRD time that Murdoch has set a new sales record in New York City property: Back in 2005, he and his former wife sold a triplex penthouse on Prince Street for $25 million, which allowed them to make their new purchase on Fifth Avenue of another triplex for $44 million–a record for a co-op sale at that time.

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Breaking records as the most expensive home ever purchased below 57th St, the four-level penthouse stretches luxuriously over more than 10,000 square feet.

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The bustling, twinkling city panoramas are enough to give you goosebumps from day to night.

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This digital rendering shows the living room design at One Madison Park. The plush penthouse has a large twisting staircase and lofty open plan living areas that are bathed in natural light from the vast expanse of floor to ceiling windows.

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The interior decoration awaits its new owners personal stamp to bring it to life.

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58th floor

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59th floor

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60th floor

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