Architects Villa in Saint-Tropez

Architects Villa in Saint-Tropez

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This punchy pad is the four bedroom Architects Villa located on top of the world in lEscalet, Saint-Tropez, with amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea. The contemporary holiday home comes complete with retractable glazed walls in order to enjoy the warm weather as you move seamlessly between the indoors and out, and an infinity pool where you can cool off in style.

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The serene bolt-hole is situated amidst natural forests, sweeping hillsides and the sparkling ocean for a supreme vacation destination-but if you just feel like hiding away on your down-time, then the sweeping poolside patio provides the perfect place to snooze away the holidays.

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A chic bathroom is textured with stone and natural woodgrain for effortless cool effect.

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A glazed column floods the dwelling with natural light.

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Outdoor dining is a must with views like this.

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The bedrooms are modest in size but open up to the whole world thanks to sliding glass doors, which lead out onto a deck. How satisfying to wake up to the ocean air, or snooze to the swoosh of the waves!

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Funky orange accent pieces carry a blast of sunshine into the neutral interior spaces.

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Quirky artwork adorns the wall of the living area.

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A generously sized kitchen island provides a great place for a casual breakfast, with mesh backed bar stools that allow the light and the breeze to flow through.

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The cubed architectural design is striking in its rolling hillside setting. Panels of wood planking soften the brightness of the stark white exterior walls, blending the edges with the hues of the natural surroundings. Curvaceous green sun loungers echo the grassy backdrop and the neighboring foliage.

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The sea view is almost as still as the waters of the private pool.

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The walls of the kitchen and lounge dissolve away in favor of the panorama.

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