Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

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Even for homeowners that dont consider themselves chefs, a well appointed kitchen is essential to a nice home. Italian kitchen designers Comprex know this, which is why weve decided to feature their kitchens in this post. Sleek lines, hidden storage, and modern aesthetics that fit into any stylish home are the key to these beautiful kitchens.

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This modern kitchen is not fussy or complicated. Instead, a small counter area, with a bar that juts out playfully, gives just enough room to cook a simple meal or enjoy a cup of coffee without a lot of overhead.

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The sleek cabinetry doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen. Here, we see the design carried out into the living room space, creating a tucked away shelf for books or media players.

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The red wall-mounted shelving forces you to keep things neat, with dishes cookbooks on full display.

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In this monochrome kitchen, what looks like a futuristic light fixture is actually the vent for the stovetop, marrying form with function.

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This tucked away storage drawer is perfect for dinner party dishes that don’t get used every day.

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This shock of lilac gives this playful kitchen a welcoming feeling while the custom cabinetry blends in perfectly.

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A cozy dining nook is ideal for a small family without getting too cutesy.

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With a bit more space to spare, this expansive penthouse kitchen is a gourmet’s dream.

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This elevated kitchen is Zen-like with its simple line, wood themes, and clean aesthetic.

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Remember, stylish interiors are just one aspect of kitchen design. A great kitchen also has great accessories. Check out these awesome knives, lights, flatware and kitchen gadgets that can really take your kitchen to the next level.

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