Ando Studio: Modern Home and Luxury Apartment Renderings

Ando Studio: Modern Home and Luxury Apartment Renderings

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The artists at Israeli design studio Ando Studio have dedicated themselves to stylish and creative renderings of unique spaces. The two homes included here are certainly no exception. With a careful attention to detail, the artists have managed to fold in design elements that do not blend in with the architectural specifications, but rather enhance them. From landscaping and shelving to the perfect mod coffee table, the houses look ready to be lived in and are ready to be appreciated.

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The entrance to this home is entirely unique and indeed entrancing. The geometric pattern on the front gate looks almost like a delicate lace while still lending an intimidating air to the unwelcome.

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The back yard here is certainly designed for entertaining, whether it is for a large party or just for the lucky couple in the bedroom that faces the yard. Broad sliding doors open directly out onto the yard from that bedroom and also from the living and dining areas ensuring that the house is always full of fresh air and sun.

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Built in shelving serves practical storage purposes while also creating a divider between different living spaces.

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The open floor plan spills over into the kitchen, which uses a pair of ovens as a divider and features a long central island for a quick breakfast or extra counter space for cooking.

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With this second project, Ando Studio has created an interior theme for a residential building, from the lobby to each of the spacious apartments.

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This spacious apartment does not use walls or dividers, only easily moved furniture to separate different spaces. A long modular couch could be configured in a number of ways for maximum seating but minimum privacy.

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Eating outdoors is often the ultimate luxury. By placing a fully dining area outside, it ensures that any entertaining that could be done indoors is easily moved outdoors in pleasant weather.

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Darker furniture in this apartment creates more masculine feel while staying true to the modern style.

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Although the setup here is similar to the previous patio, the furnishings are slightly more classic with wire chairs and thick white table.

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Even apartments on the first floor take advantage of the outdoors with a welcoming lawn and lounging area.Ando Studio has made sure that both the contemporary home and luxury apartments are carefully appointed and ultimately comfortable.

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