Futuristic Interior Design

Futuristic Interior Design

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Although many designers take great pleasure in drawing on the past, particularly mid-century modern elements and even classical, opulent styles of royalty, it is the designers that reach into the future that are creating the next generation of style. The homes in this post each feature inventive elements that are less science fiction and more cutting edge. Featuring designs from Nordes and Bozhinovski Design

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Our first home is from the designers at Russian-based firm Nordes. They have described this look as “deconstructed origami”

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By combining jutting angles with contrasting colors, the rooms in this futuristic home have a kind of desirable chaos.

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Curved walls create a particularly unsettling feeling but in a way that generates interest rather than headaches.

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In this house, coming from Bozhinovski Design in Bulgaria, angles and space are another key consideration. We find some contrast with the other décor in that the rooms and and walls are brighter and more family friendly.

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The white, hollow chair is a particularly futuristic element, celebrating negative space while still offering a comfortable place to sit.

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Not all futuristic designs incorporate the needs of families – but this once does. Adding oversized decals from the Smurfs, this playful kids room is unique, colorful, and still fits within the overall design scheme of the home.

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The decadent bathroom is a crowning achievement in this futuristic home. With marble walls, floors, and fixtures it gleams and echoes with a 21st century style.

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