Douglas Villa: A Classic Greek Retreat

Douglas Villa: A Classic Greek Retreat

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Old-world charm meets modern day luxury at the Douglas Villa, settled on the island of Mykonos, Greece. The property sits along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with open views from every room. The outdoor space is what really shines with a large classic patio of stone and wood equipped with spaces to dine and relax that sits just off the commanding, lake-shaped swimming pool. The most impressive feature on the main house is the floor to ceiling, retractable glass wall that brings the open concept living space into the outdoors, creating one massive entertainment space.Douglas sheen remains strong even after the sun sets. The warm illumination of the main house paired with the staircase lighting descending down to the pool provides the perfect setting for a late night celebration.The villa has a truly traditional style that keeps to the prominent architecture of the many bright white homes filling the island. This pure white is used throughout the property from the bedrooms to the living room and kitchen. Most of the furniture is also in this clean shade, with sporadic pops of pastels including baby blue and beige. This classic, clean style makes the home a staple on the island, even with the high level of luxury infused throughout; it is still a part of what makes this island so recognizably Greek.

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