Apartment Showcasing an Estonian Edge

Apartment Showcasing an Estonian Edge

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It is a little known truth that Estonia is emerging as country with its own signature interior style, every bit as recognizable as those of neighboring Scandinavia. Mühlbach Interiors is one such design house, dedicated to creating bespoke interiors, that is forging the way for the Estonian industry. Mühlbach is most notable for its commitment to the production of ever-unique spaces infused with attitude and character. Established in 2003, the young design house is celebrating a decade of bringing its highly personalized approach to Estonian homes and has presented Home Designing with the following example of its work in the form of a one bedroom apartment in a coastal area of Estonias capital- Tallinn.

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One could be forgiven for branding the heart of this space ‘open plan,’ but the versatile glass walls act, not only, to define the space, but also set the tone for the ambiance generated by the entire project. They speak to the high shine finish of the white kitchen cabinetry, the metallic light installation that crowns the neutrally soft living area and hovers directly over its glass coffee table, are reflected in the glass that frames the recessed, wooded fireplace and paid tribute to in the miniature greenhouse niche that graces the bathroom.

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Diverting from a predominantly white palette, a contrast is employed in the bedroom through the use of a rich grey/brown that reflects cool in keeping with the steel frame of the en suite when illuminated by the white light of the bedside lamps.

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