Single Story Modern Cottage in Israel

Single Story Modern Cottage in Israel

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This stunning cottage (visualized by Studio Aiko and designed by Orly Shrem) caught our eye and won our hearts with its open light-filled rooms, glass walls, interior glass-enclosed courtyards and comfortable mixed modern and contemporary furnishings. The color palette is one of neutrals with touches of rich earthy hues. The exterior boasts enchanting Koi ponds with lily pads running along the side of one of the homes courtyards. The homes facade is stone clad with a weathered terracotta tile roof. Another of the cottages dynamic features is a home office with soaring ceiling, floor to ceiling shelves and a glass wall looking onto a courtyard beyond.

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The living room boasts mid-century modern furnishings mixed with comfortable contemporary upholstered pieces. A charming fireplace extends down from the ceiling adding warmth to the glass enclosed and concrete clad space.

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The dining area is ample enough to host large or intimate gatherings of friends with a rustic wood dining table and accompanying slipcovered chairs.

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Twin glass enclosed interior courtyards bring nature indoors in the most brilliant way.

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This unique office would be sure to inspire creativity in the least motivated individual with its soaring ceilings, outside views and interesting built-in cubby shelving spanning the wall from floor to ceiling.

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The master bathroom give a serene and natural bathing experience with a stone soaking tub, smooth stone walls and vanities and slatted wood floors.

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