The Glass House: Displaying Furniture In Natural Settings

The Glass House: Displaying Furniture In Natural Settings

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The Glass House Project literally sheds light (natural and abundant) on this stunning furniture collection by Molteni C. Even for those designers and enthusiasts who do not subscribe to a modern philosophy, the impact generated by the site and layout is awe-inspiring. The individual pieces lend themselves to minimalist styling and this has been employed by an incredibly restrained and experienced hand. Established in 1934, Molteni channels a design movement rooted in the 1950s in this avant-garde collection, which is complimented by the Eichler-esque choice in display home.

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The true triumph of this collection is its modesty. All that exists to impress is concealed. Take, for example, the kitchen or entertainment system, both of which are almost unidentifiable in these images because without compromising functionality, they have been masterfully hidden. Sleek black panels fold out to reveal the kitchen with a homogeneously lit splashback and the television has been discarded, replaced by a state-of-the-art projector.

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One may expect that a combination of modern minimalism, severe architectural angles and a heavy reliance on glass for light, would result in a feeling of austerity, but the firm manages to pull it off with natural and functional materials that actually echo the environment and create an elemental atmosphere.

Viewing the following video serves to impart a deeper understanding of Molteni’s approach to design and an insight into the way the company thinks.

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