Kitchens from Italian Maker GeD Cucine

Kitchens from Italian Maker GeD Cucine

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Italian company GeD CUCINE, founded in 1969 in Biancade, combines tradition with modernity to create their kitchen designs, reveling in en vogue trends and cool new lines like this selection below. In a town historically dedicated to furniture manufacturing, the company has grown and evolved to suit contemporary life, consolidating its approach at the start of the millennium by adopting the concept of “classic trendy” along with a cool “made in Italy” style.

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Muted tones provide an earthy infusion to the cool palette of a modern home, and crisp, clean lines sit comfortably in a minimalist interior.

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A note of burgundy wine gloss against deeper textures conjures an expensive look, which can be played on beautifully by moody gray walls.

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An ice white layout gives a clean visual, and these handleless cupboards work towards a sleek, fuss-free finish.

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Natural wooden hues warm up a white kitchen, and a combination of an oak kitchen island and worktops against pale units provides tonal balance.

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Orange or red cabinetry, contrasted against glossy black or white accents, will pop with character and fun.

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A walnut finish can be given a different spin with barely-there handles in a matching wood tone, complimented by long lines of horizontal grain.

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While collecting images for this post we couldn’t help but notice just how masculine in appearance kitchens have become recently. Not surprisingly many in the design field now feel the same as well. Here is designer Patricia Urquiola weighing in on this very issue.

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