Googles New Office In Dublin

Googles New Office In Dublin

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Located in the tallest commercial building in Dublin, the Montevetro, or Google Docks as it is now called, houses Googles headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa designed by Camenzind Evolution. Â Historically befitting of Googlian culture, the multi-hued complex boasts office spaces tagged with names such as Clown College, Funland and Bouncing Castle. Employees come from over 38 countries and 46 languages are spoken within the office, with the company offering employees their own gym, swimming pool, pool tables, shuffle boards, bean bags and swings the common language everyone seems to speak is fun. Â To further push the envelope and inspire creativity among the many creatives that work in the Dublin office, Google provides free food in its in-house cafeteria, beer in its Irish pub, Segways for quick transport and numerous other perks. Take a look at Google Docks below to see their impressive setup.

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