Light-Filled Contemporary Living Rooms

Light-Filled Contemporary Living Rooms

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Warm natural light floods these nearly neutral living rooms making them the ideal place to while away the hours with company or curled up in the corner of the sofa with a favorite book. Each of these inviting spaces show that modern and contemporary decor can in fact be quite livable not cold and unwelcoming as we often hear.

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The marble walls and floor in this elegant contemporary living room are the perfect canvas for the violet furnishings and Asian inspired accents.

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This artist’s loft uses many shades of grey in the most beautiful of ways: the weathered grey wood floor, the modern artwork, the blue-grey sofa and the slightest hint of grey undertones on the walls.

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The softest whisper of pink gives this sophisticated city living space a warm glow complimented by the shading in the cherry wood floor. While the modern Panton chairs and table add shape and movement to the room.

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Rustic dark wood plank floors balance the severity of the white walls and furnishings in this modern living room. The tetris style modern coffee table is eye catching.

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