Wooden Finish Wall Unit Combinations From Hülsta

Wooden Finish Wall Unit Combinations From Hülsta

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German-based Hülsta Furnitures range of modern media units are created by master craftsmen from fine light to dark woods. Their designs lend themselves to a minimalist styling. They boast flat front accents, clean lines and a myriad of multi-unit groupings.

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The built in speakers are bluetooth connected.

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With its simple white finish and light unfinished wood accents, this simplistic media center is accompanied by a wall shelving unit.

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This entertainment center spans floor to ceiling, offering a myriad of shelving possibilities and storage space.

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A rustic, richly grained wood finish highlights this large entertainment center which spans the wall in this modern living.

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This minimalist media wall grouping makes quite an impression with wall cabinets, a low profile tv and accent piece and a series of staggard wall shelves.

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This medium wood media unit offers plenty of storage and display surfaces to hold oft-used items and everyday devices.

Check out the above entertainment system in action here:

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