Homes With Small Courtyards

Homes With Small Courtyards

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As land costs soar, having a copious amount of outdoor space in which to enjoy the greener side of life is just a pipe dream for many of us, but these two homes with small courtyards show us how we can incorporate a natural space into our modern city central homes.

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This impressive visualization by Iskander Khodzhaev uses a rich depth of color throughout it’s interior, which is picked up in the planting of an internal courtyard installation. A punchy red accent runs between the two spaces, visually tying them together with a cheerful tone.

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The natural looking washed-out wood floors of the lounge and kitchen areas are complimented by the cool rock formations that adorn the plant bed, and by the rustic stone wall.

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The courtyard soaks up the sunshine through overhead glazing that also adds to the illusion of having outdoor space.

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Acting as a piece of living art in this home, the courtyard adds natural interest and an extra dimension to the arrangement of modern edges.

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The industrial look of this real home, designed by architect Terra E Tuma, undergoes a beautiful softening effect from the introduction of some natural beauty.

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The pop of emerald green leaves peeping through the vast expanse of breezeblock walls is a welcome relief from the harsh finish.

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The home opens out into the courtyard space, where a hammock invites you to spend a little time closer to nature.

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