Open Kitchen Shelves Inspiration

Open Kitchen Shelves Inspiration

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Open sided storage adds a laid back look to a kitchen, as well as keeping cooking and serving essentials easily accessible, but what arrangements will keep your cooking space looking neat and stylish? Were taking a look at open kitchen shelf ideas that create the perfect balance between chic and nonchalant.

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Via i29
Clever cutaways create irregular windows into the storage spaces of this kitchen, along with a series of recesses dedicated to an army of glass jars that are filled with dried cooking ingredients that not only keep culinary delights within easy reach, but brings color and texture to an otherwise neutral design.

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This is a perfect setup for neat freaks-or for wine and coffee connoisseurs – space for bottles above, and cabinets to hold wine decanters and carafes below. And if you are that sort of a person don’t forget to check out our post on unique wine racks and holders.

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Via Zorro
Here, a whole wall has been dedicated to open shelving to display glassware, cookbooks and candelabra, along with a number of decorative vases to keep the overall image highly designed and carefully thought out. The long-line shelves also visually connect the kitchen island to the adjacent dining area for a cohesive look, which allows the display area to serve both rooms.

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Via Bogdan Stancu
Shelves nestled inline with cabinets create a sleeker streamlined look.

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These kitchen spaces keep the shelf layout simple and inline with the baseline of an extractor fan for a non-fussy finish.

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Via Flickriver
Avid chefs might love to see every bit of their cookware collection in pride of place like this.

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