Blur the Boundaries with Inside-Outside Living Style

Blur the Boundaries with Inside-Outside Living Style

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This home design visualization, created by Valery Kelch, takes the indoor-outdoor living theory to the extreme, with the inclusion of small trees scattered within the interior design, so that there is no distinction to the dweller where the boundary is between the two areas.

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In the children’s bedroom, a ‘mat’ of grass grows right from the floor, forming a base around a leafy tree that creates a shady extended headboard feature under a sunny skylight. Here the natural elements are juxtaposed with a hi-tech mural of a car plan along one entire wall, and adjacent computer equipment.

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To continue the amalgamation, natural materials such as timber and slate have been used to clad walls, floors and ceilings rather than synthetic carpets and plastics. Despite the back to nature feel though, the home furnishings are constructed in a very new age style, with edgy contemporary furniture silhouettes and accent colors.

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Every room is bathed in pure light from the abundance of generous windows and glazed doors, and this light is bounced around by the predominantly white color scheme over much of the space, and by the ice white cabinets in the kitchen area.

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