Modern Japanese Home

Modern Japanese Home

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Old and new are juxtaposed within this interesting example of Japanese architecture, by interior visualizer Heung-Yeol, Yong. Traditional Japanese paper screens close of a simple, understated bedroom scheme from a highly contemporary metal staircase, and more reveal a modern open plan living area complete with glossy kitchen diner. Clean lines, natural materials and dramatic use of contrasting tones tie this large home together, where earthy dark walls cocoon the dweller, before butting open against a fresh white contradiction.

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The modern sheen of the new style kitchen also houses a state of the art American style fridge freezer along with a host of other mod cons. The adjacent dining suite disappears into the darker walls in its glossy black finish, adding dinnertime drama and intrigue.

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At the front of the home, a towering glass façade overlooks a zen-like courtyard, on the approach to a minimalist entranceway flanked in wood. Slender trees soften the lines of the modernistic architecture and encourage a more naturalistic feel that in turn leads into the pure materials of the interior.

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The outside of the building displays the same dark stained wood that we see on the inside of this home, taking the styling seamlessly from one side to the other without jarring the senses.

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