Interiors of Microsofts Building 4 in Redmond Campus

Interiors of Microsofts Building 4 in Redmond Campus

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Building 4 in Redmond, Washington, is home to the Microsoft campus where the firms office innovation team was challenged with the question of how offices will work and appear in 15 years time. The task of determining what an office in the future would look like resulted in the Building 4 prototype, designed by Studio O+A and Microsoft, to contain an entire working community of thinkers, doers, makers and innovators.

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We are very familiar with O+A’s style having seen what they have done for Facebook, AOL, and Dreamhost. The company doesn’t disappoint here either.

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In this office of the future everyone would sit together to allow creativity to flow without obstruction, though when times of total concentration are required, small focus pods are available.

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Meeting rooms provide an additional space to the open collaboration atmosphere of the studio areas, with options for both formal and informal appointments.

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Embracing Microsoft’s extensive history in the Pacific Northwest, décor inspiration has been taken from the wooded surroundings, and Seattle’s background of grunge-era fashions, comprising a plethora of blue denim and heavy plaid. The familiar checkered patterns and bold hues are seen playfully cladding the interior of the building, blown up across large expanses of wall and floor treatments, adding interest, humor and warmth to the huge 59,000sq ft workplace.

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A bike workshop with bicycles to rent for a ride out on the surrounding trails, and a coffeehouse complete with caffeine loaded espresso machines, ensures Building 4 is the bustling hub of the campus.

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